Bluesky City: Episode 1

Monks and Golems

With Valorie safely captured and contained within the Resistance HQ, Twilight debriefed Team RYSN on her status. She wasn’t sure if Valorie could be restored, but research would require carinite and captive antitheses. The team agreed to get on that as soon as never and, ignoring the boon of an item from the dragons, they left for Bluesky City. Upon arrival they concealed themselves and set about gathering information. Niachi and Rom learned that since Zerstorung the clerics of Olim had become a mysterious group known only as The Monks. The Monks ruled the city now, but aside from commandeering the local construction golems, the city had been mostly left alone. Guards were posted, of course, but most of them appeared to be un-corrupted. The feel of the city was remarkably more relaxed than Aventurine had been.

Yasuo spent his time interrogating a homeless person. Aside from several strange things regarding his grandmother, he learned that The Monks were building a temple on top of the mountainous city (as did Niachi). Yasuo went to investigate. Instead of gathering any information, he simply looked around for the foreman, a monk on a ledge, and attempted to push him off. The monk kicked him away instead. They had a short battle and while Yasuo defeated the Monk, the local golems came to his aid and chased the psion away (due to their natural invulnerability to spells and powers). He returned with little to show for his efforts, but it was good exercise. He also introduced the party to his thrall, whom they proceeded to ignore.

With nothing else to go on, the party assaulted the temple. They beat up some misplaced battlemaidens and some golems and obtained a small amount of loot. The Monk from before was not present.


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