Bluesky City: Episode 2

General Beatrix

After an unproductive attack on the temple construction, Team RYSN wandered the streets empty-handed, looking for clues. Rom caught sight of a woman in a crimson mantle with a strange brooch and began stalking her while Niachi and Sara’phiem followed a local pickpocket who had been signaling them in the marketplace. He led them to a basement where they were introduced to a local resistance movement. Their leader, General Beatrix was away on reconnaissance, but one of their captains showed them around town. He introduced himself as Nathan Fillion, a monk in the church of Olim who wasn’t corrupted. He explained that Team RYSN had caused significant problems with their attack last week, but was willing to help them make up for it.

Around the town, he explained, the Monks have been constructing six temples. There are five smaller ones and then main temple atop the city. Each temple has a receptacle for a large object, and so far intel from the mines suggests that the Monks intend to place large zorite crystals in each one. For what, Nathan wasn’t sure, but he led Niachi and Sara around town to examine them. While out, Sara took notice of a strangely placed rose in a flower pot. Nathan explained that it symbolized a safe-house for the resistance. Meanwhile, Rom stalked the lady int he crimson cloak and asked her where she had found it. She said it came from a peddler from the south. He didn’t quite believe her, but it seemed a sensible explanation so he apologized for bothering her. As she walked off he noticed she was mildly evil and so he took sight note of where she lived.

Nathan told the other two that General Beatrix would be in touch with them in a few days, so they filled the remaining time in their own ways: Rom by preaching the valor of Manny, Niachi by making a new spell, and Sara by working on bombs (she’s a little rusty, cut her some slack). A few days later another thief appeared and asked them to come meet the General. They followed him to a wealthy house in one of the upper rings. There General Beatrix introduced herself, saying she had been looking forward to meeting the group for some time. She was a lovely woman with long hair and an enigmatic mask and called herself a ki warlord and one of the Four Generals of the Royal Army of Manscell. The group asked her about the Royal Palace and why it had been so well guarded. She said she wasn’t sure what had happened to the royal family, but the palace was guarded by General Ephraim, a skilled man who wields a lance and specializes in fighting sword-wielders. While not her better, the two of them have been evenly matched so far, keeping her from retaking the city. With that settled, she explained the plan.

Apparently the Monks were planning some sort of ritual in five days’ time. They’d been using the local mining and construction golems to transport materials. The resistance had been planning on interrupting the caravans, but since Yasuo led the attack on the temple last week, security has been increased significantly. In return for helping to stop the Monks, she promised Team RYSN that she would hand over the cleric of Olim they were looking for. The team agreed and began planning their attack. Niachi wondered about simply overloading the zorite with excess magic, but Beatrix reported that new intel suggested Wolfrau had arrived to help guard the crystals. Unable to take out the caravans she suggested they try a simultaneous strike on all five locations. Once destroyed, the large crystal, guessed to be a giant emanation stone, would explode from all the magic pumped through it.

Each member of the team will lead a small force on one of the five smaller temples with the assistance of one cohort (or cohort-level NPC). You may double up on one, but you will have to send extra forces to the other. To help you, you have the assistance of General Beatrix, a ki warlord and powerful fighter, Nathan Fillion, Sister Elone (lv. 14 Paladin), and Brother Thom (lv. 12 Cleric of Manny). Each group will also get four lv. 7 Fighters or Rogues. Each of you gets to determine your team. We will not have the next session until everyone can be present.


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