Hole in the World

Having moved Manny’s village to a nearby town for safety, the Black Company came to regroup over dinner. They were quite tired, though, so when little Jindal came up to ask Manny if she could travel with the group, the group was less than accommodating. Manny tried to dissuade her, seeing as the girl could only just barely lift her sword, but she insisted on her bravery. Defeated the group had nothing left to say until a local bard spoke up. He said he knew of rumored masters and offered them three choices. As tired as they were, though, the company simply picked a card and sent Jindal off to study with Myralai the Swift, whoever he is.

Having dealt with that, the company traveled to the location of the hole in the world that Lomasi had mentioned. Travel was quick thanks to some good sailing by the crew and they arrived on the small island of Tar Alia. It’s a volcanic place with not much to see. Somehow, though, the Roxans were prepared to meet them with some golems and a Lifael. Despite their (best?) efforts, though, the Black Company easily met the challenges of the golems and their immunity to magic to arrive at the hole in the world. This one was by far the biggest they’d seen: a wide oval shape in the cliffs, eight feet long by three feet wide with cracks extending in all directions. Now that they’ve arrived, though, what will they do?


xanshriekal xanshriekal

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