How not to be secret

The party began in Cilia, where they were to eliminate the local church and their ability to send a sending. As a group, they managed to forget this and began heading toward the next town, Madren, where they fully planned on raising a siege. Not long after, they received a message from Grand Marshal Kaylee, chastising them for not doing anything about the church in Cilia. The party felt bad.

After a brief excursion to a forest village which might have been Heimdall’s home, but probably wasn’t, the party engaged in an assault on Madren. Hirzon managed the mortar to effectively shut down the guard watchtowers. Obrican got off the ship and arrived late. Heimdall and Hirzon destroyed the church with mortars and a titan, and Arcius stayed out in the open and took two Flamestrikes. That was a bad idea, but he managed not to die, somehow. When Obrican arrived with November, they took to the main chamber and cast the same non-damaging spell on the cleric casting sending. Fortunately, November’s spell did enough damage to shock the cleric out of it with seconds to spare. Outside, the crew of the SpellSeeker got the fire under control and secured the area. Inside, Heimdall, November, and Obrican held the cleric hostage and forced him to send to the Silver City to tell them that everything was fine. He almost did so, but f-ed up in the end and got himself killed. Silly cleric.

Now the party marches onwards to the Silver City to meet the army of Ominia.


xanshriekal xanshriekal

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