War in Ominia, Episode 1

Everyone failed the Listen check

Having retrieved the Key of Slow Time, Team RASN went home where Niachi pestered Twilight into upgrading his sword. Annoyed, she popped over into the slow-time plane, made it and popped back. She was ragged, haggard, her mane was a mess and her eyes were bulging. Her voice was starting to do the crazy thing as her eyes twitched. The party looked at her carefully. Slowly, Niachi reached a hand out. Slowly Twilight levitated the sword to him. Rom held his breath. Holo peeked out from behind a box. Titus turned around to check out someone’s butt. And then Niachi asked, “Did you make it Danciga?” Twilight paused her levitation amidst an audible snap! No one breathed.

TwilightwhirledtheswordaroundslammingitintoNiachisohardheflewbackintoRomandRaniyandtheyflewbackintoKadenandMittensandSaraandTitusandsomeothergirlthenshescoopedthemallupintotheairandthrewthemasfarasshecouldandastheyflewawaysheblastedthemwithateleporttowhoknowswherewithatremendousexplosionoflightsoundandcolor. Elone walked over to the purple unicorn and gave her a hug. No words, no nonsense, just a hug. Twilight let out a deep breath and collapsed into her arms, falling asleep immediately. She carried the unicorn up to her room and set her into bed. Hirzon followed her and pulled up a chair and a few good books and waited, reading and occasionally looking over at the poor mare. She needed some rest.

Meanwhile, the party experienced an unusually long time in the astral void of the teleport and introduced themselves to the new girl, a favored soul of Manny. As they were getting acquainted, the teleport popped them out above The Silver City. They fell toward it and slammed into an invisible wall and slowly slid downward. As they slid, making an obnoxious noise, they noticed the city was under siege by a legion of demons, devils, and antitheses. Defenders on the wall included clerics of Elohim, combining their power to blast the demons with pillars of light, and clerics of Fallais, banishing any outsider that got too far up the wall. As they slid, some paladin knocked them off with an arrow into a pile of imps, who died immediately upon their standing up. Bewildered, they cleared out the nobodies around them with a few waves of their hands and then fought off a few waves of stronger demons who had survived their arrival. Rom figured that somewhere nearby was likely to be a portal and a small command post, so he recommended they head that way. A small silver badge fell from the sky bearing the symbol of Elohim. Titus stuck it in his pocket without thinking since no one realized they were right next to the wall with defenders on it who might have tossed it to them.

But instead of going north along the wall or west to a field, both full of monsters to kill and XP to earn, the druid turned into an eagle and soared above the battlefield and pinpointed the portal and command post for this section. Their new favored soul friend cast wind walk upon them and they all traveled straight for the portal. At first they had planned to split the party like idiots, even though that always ends badly, but fortunately the command post wasn’t amenable to that. So they planned to all go in, but then stopped when they realized it was guarded by a pit fiend and all of his minions (since they hadn’t wandered through and killed them separately). They argued with me for a while, but eventually Manny himself came down and said that the whole battlefield was specifically laid out to provide them with an adventure and they finally agreed to go through the command post properly. They ran through the supplies, rummaging around and nearly dying to an unlucky phantasmal killer, but then rallied and killed everything.


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