Alderac Tritheim

II - Lucifer of Elohim


Man of middle height, dark haired, blue eyes.
Likes to wear elaborate white and gold robes.
Probably dead.


Alderac is the current Lucifer of the Church of Elohim. During the party’s absence, the previous holder of the papacy died and Alderac was elected from his position among the Luminaries. Not a week afterward the Silver City was overrun by members of the church of Fallais, who summoned forth 1000 demons and devils. The fighting was fierce on both sides, but the Holy Armies of Ominia drove out the evil. A month has passed and security has increased.

He is also the second-in-command in Lachesis’ mysterious cabal. Alderac has seen the party before and even traveled with them briefly. He is chiefly responsible for the imprisonment of Severus and the recruiting of Loki. As such, he has first-hand knowledge of Manny and Obrican, and some knowledge of Carina’s person (though not her current abilities). The party confronted him in his chambers and defeated him. Three times.

The Staff of Alderac was given to the party upon Alderac’s defeat. Unfortunately the church wanted it back. Arcius was sad.

Alderac Tritheim

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