Carriage Driver, First-mate, only competent leader (much better than Heimdall)


Earth pony, orange coat, blonde mane.
Uses steel hoof-claws in combat.


Applejack is an earth pony from Anatis. The party hired her for her carriage driving and kept her around through several adventures across continents. Now she runs the crew of the Spellseeker. With a no-nonsense attitude and a farming background, Applejack is a great manager and always gets the job done. Is a pretty cool pony.

During Zerstorung, Applejack led a small resistance group in the western regions of Ominia. When the Resistance of Manny contacted her, she joined their forces while staying out in the field. She’s not a very religious pony so she never really converted, but gained a lot of skill in barbarianism and leads her own branch of the church. It’s not well visited and somewhat frowned upon by nearby priests of Elohim, but who’s really going to argue with a bunch of barbarians of Manny?


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