A young research wizard, and sexy diva


Ominian Commoner 4, Wizard 7
Primary Weapons

  • Wand of Fireball
  • Wand of Magic Anvil
  • Rod of Lightning

Focuses on magi-tech, spell and scroll creation, and corruption research


Carina was the eldest of several children in a small town in the Ominian Empire. As a citizen, she received the basic education and training in magic that comes with a strong infrastructure, kindling an early interest in magic. With only an alcoholic father around, Carina became the de facto head of the household, which dampened her banana. That and the fact that she had read all the books in the library in a few years gave her a very strong desire to travel. When Obrican, Manny, and Lever came through and picked up Loki, a local womanizer, she decided to leave her family and travel with them. The role of magic specialist fell to her quickly and she picked it up just as quickly, taking advantage of every opportunity she could in the Silver City and beyond.

Over a year has passed since she started dating Obrican Nikshii, but their relationship seems to have cooled off a tad. But she’s never let a man define her and has begun her real studies in researching new areas of magic in corruption, offense, and improvements to the party’s flying ship the Spellseeker. Obrican and Carina have recently stopped dating.

Carina was killed by Ur-Lord Iusti in the battle on the demiplane attempting to retreat.


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