Elone Trakand

Fierce, loyal, and graceful Paladin


Medium-height human, short brown hair, blue eyes
Generally seen wearing mithril full-plate with the sigils of Echoe and the Blessed Manny.
Wields a +3 Holy Echite Rapier


Elone Trakand originally came from Lyrise as one of the Battlemaidens of the Church of Echoe. As a paladin there, she defended the people against threats from drow and illithids. She served time on the contested western border with Calisaele. She never had much to do with the reign of Queen Miku due to her postings elsewhere in the kingdom, though she relished the Queen’s defeat as much as everyone else. For much of her life, Elone Trakand was considered somewhat average, for an accomplished officer and part-time adventurer. On the night of Zerstorung she was blessed enough to be out at Wyltine Fair instead of Aventurine, and was not involved in the battles there. Instead she happened to meet a small group of depressed and despondent adventurers who had happened upon the campsite of some of her friends, the merchant family of Brother Thom. Hearing the story of Manny and The Black Company from Amoss and Hirzon Error, she joined with them to found the Resistance of Manny. As a founding member she enjoys a high rank and is responsible for the training of new recruits. It was Elone who suggested to Wilhelm that the new recruits be trained to be ‘killed’ with magical non-lethal weapons.

In battle Elone uses standard paladin tactics: smite the enemy in the face. She’s quite good at it and always strives to be as close to Saint Alice as she can. Due to Manny’s recent ascension to godhood, Sister Elone has been faced with the dilemma of fighting for Manny and Echoe together. Her vows keep her loyal to Echoe and due to the current circumstances, fighting with the Resistance is in line with Echoe’s will. Perilune Clair has reassured her of this, but Elone is always Battlemaiden of Echoe first.

Currently Elone leads the efforts to discover what happened to Lyrise on Liberation Day. She has also gathered up the surviving members of the Church of Echoe and has taken on a vague leadership position among the survivors.

Elone Trakand

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