VII - Corrupted cardinal of Mohorin

  • Race: Human; medium build; dark skin
  • Hair: short and dark, also has a trimmed beard
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Dress: Wears red robes and stole, bears a naked katana at his side.

Key Crest:
Bunch of speed stuff here


Frigate, more commonly known as Solead Gil, was a cardinal of Mohorin living in Agrabah, Jeberra. While he began faithfully, as recorded in the Clerical Diaries he slowly lost his faith after learning of the many lies within the church. He began as an acolyte in the army as a young man. His strong faith quickly earned him a spot in the church as a lay clergy, administering potions, last rites, and words of encouragement. Over the years he proved himself, advancing through the ranks of the church at a steady pace. He was known for his exceptional devotion to Mohorin above church doctrine and his quick skill with a blade. To rise in the ranks, then, Frigate displayed exceptional, if unusual, fighting skill in choosing to focus on speed rather than strength. His sword embodied that and he called it “The Flame of Mohorin.” He combined his dexterity with quick tactical thinking to earn him several impressive victories. But his greatest military victory was the beginning of his downfall.

During the Ominian Invasion of Rathfa, the army of Jeberra was driven back to its borders. Frigate was one of the leaders present at the final wall and began making preparations for the ultimate spell, asking Mohorin for a miracle. He felt his devotion would be strong enough and the need was dire enough, yet Mohorin remained aloof. After some words of encouragement from General Pius VII, Frigate managed to lead his squad to victory over the army of Ominia. In the aftermath, Frigate met Lachesis and began a road to corruption as well as his pseudonym. During this time he developed the warless, working off of theories first developed by Queen Miku. In the end, though, the warless proved to be a trail leading back to him and he faced off against the Black Company and fell in battle. Whether his faith had ever been strong enough for Mohorin is unknown, but his faith in himself and in the corruption lost him his life.



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