General Beatrix

The Rose of May


Beatrix is a lovely woman with long auburn hair that curls at the end. While not tall, she is very quick and surprisingly strong. She generally wears a white shirt with tails, a large red belt, and light-weight pants and boots along with a signature pair of bracers. A silver headband covers her forehead and right eye and the emblem of a rose is emblazoned upon it. At her side she carries Save The King, a silver longsword with red diamond accents along the center. While she doesn’t wear it often, in battle she wears a suit of mithril full-plate.


General Beatrix is one of the Four Generals of the Royal Army of Manscell. She grew up a swordsman and for years worked as an honorable mercenary, protecting caravans and travelers. As her skill became more renowned she was eventually hired to protect Princess Tamra on a diplomatic mission to Calisaele. It was a tense trip. She felt the guards were too stuffy and they felt she couldn’t be trusted, though they respected her skill. During their trip they were ambushed by dark elf bandits. The guards tried to drive her off, saying she must have betrayed them. Angry she took up a stance next to the princess and swore on her life to protect Tamra. Three times she took arrows for the girl, and whenever an attacker grew close she fended him off while fighting defensively. Even as the captain was gravely wounded she fought off the last duelist and the drow retreated, denied her prize. In recognition for her bravery, Princess Tamra knighted Beatrix. When they returned home King Syven offered her the post of Sargent in the Royal Army. She nearly turned it down until the then-General Maxwell taunted her and her honor. Without hesitation she knelt down and swore her allegiance and protection to the Royal Family, declaring a Kensai’s Oath.

Since then she rose through the ranks of the army with great speed. Her skill with the blade won her many challenges from the men and great trust from the Royal Family. Her ambition came to a head against General Maxwell, who would not acknowledge her skill or grant her basic respect. She refused to back down, but took his orders without complaint until they became suspicious. He had ordered a lighter-than-usual guard on one particular gate to the city. It was a small gate to the north and didn’t lie along any of the major roads, but the lack of men there worried her for the gate was a little closer to the palace than the others. Volunteering to go protect it alone, she was caught by surprise by illumian agents. They broke through the defenses and sped toward the palace. She gave chase and one-by-one caught and slew them, the last just as he touched the stones of the palace wall. Confused, she began searching the bodies when General Maxwell’s patrol found her and arrested her for treason. She was hauled before court and charged by Maxwell with treason against the crown. It would have been the end for her had she not turned and charged him with treason instead. Maxwell was furious and demanded her execution on the spot, as did most of the court, but Princess Tamra pleaded with her father to hear Beatrix.

She presented her case, that Maxwell had ordered a light guard on this important gate and had been lax with the guards along that wall of the palace. Had she not volunteered to watch it, the Ominian agents would have been in the palace already. Maxwell denied any part in it, saying General Ephraim had asked for additional help along the docks and pointing out he had left as many men as needed to guard the small gate. Beatrix acknowledged that, but pulled out a letter she had found on the dead assassin’s body written in Maxwell’s hand. He claimed it to be a forgery and challenged her to a duel to the death. Beatrix looked to the king for permission and he nodded. There in court, the two clashed. Maxwell was the better fighter, but Beatrix taunted his honor saying she had heard rumors of a mole, had heard mutterings in the night. It enraged Maxwell and he kicked her and knocked her down. She attempted to counter, but he ran his sword through her, gravely wounding, but not killing her. The court waited for the finishing blow but he bent down and whispered to her his treason. Ominia would make him a governor-general if he handed Manscell to them, and now she would watch the spectacle like the dog she was.

His men were waiting in the wings. Most of the guards were in his pocket, so he turned with confidence and declared his treason to the court. The king roared for his guards, for Generals Eirika and Ephraim, but the guards barred the doors and took up arms against him. Maxwell advanced on the Princess. Beatrix could feel her oath demanding her strength and she stood, bracing herself against her sword. With one last burst of speed she interposed herself between Maxwell and Tamra. Her sword met Maxwell’s and shattered and he sliced through her eye. He laughed and made to move for the kill but she thrust the shattered sword up through his breastplate and into his heart, twisting it for good measure. He stopped and gurgled, stepping backwards with hate in his eyes. With his last breath he signaled to his men to finish the job, but by then Ephraim and Eirika had arrived and killed the guards with little effort. Maxwell fell dead.

The amry clerics healed the worst of Beatrix’s wounds but she would not let them regenerate her eye. She said it would serve as a reminder of the price of naivete and the meaning of protection. As a reward for her service, the King promoted her to take the place of General Maxwell. His sword was broken and reforged with pieces from hers as a final punishment to his honor—he would forever serve the one he had derided to protect the ones he had betrayed. As General, Beatrix reformed the palace guard and taught them new techniques in fighting defensively. She has since earned her place as one of the Four Generals, earning the respect of the Jeberrans and the enmity of the Ominians, whose plots she has foiled multiple times. Her style of fighting relies on speed and caution over outright strength and armor. Her sword is capable of decapitating even the biggest men in one clean stroke and she sports powerful special attacks that hit multiple enemies.

General Beatrix

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