An Aasimar Favored Soul of Mahorin.


Favored Soul of Mohorin LvL 15
Race: Aasimar
Gender: Male
Alignment: L-G
Age: 27

+3 Firaga Katana
+1 Frost crossbow

Banded Mithril
Adamantine Shield

Special Abilities:
Shape Weapon
Brew 6th lvl cure potions


Born in the deep uncivilized forests of Ominia, Heimdall never knew his parents. The only person he could ever call “family” was a Shifter by the name of Marshall. The two grew together in the forests of Ominia. While uncivilized the region he presided in was very community friendly, similar to that of a tribe (but even less organization). Heimdall’s home soon faced a threat, the “Civilized” Ominians were starting to cut deeper and deeper into the forests. Dismayed, the once relatively peaceful community became split. Some druids and sages believed the only way to survive was to adapt. While other barbarians, animals, and other assorted factions decided they were done being bullied by the large armies of Ominia. But one issue arose; Who would lead them. There were no real educated minds in the forest, and Heimdall was no exception, nor was he the strongest the forest could produce, but he did possess one power that was the mightiest in the battles; Charisma. He rallied the brutes and even some druids of the forest, while he relied on Marshall to relay the commands to the animals. Together Heimdall led them into a bloody conflict against the neighboring settlements who would refuse to leave the forest alone. Heimdall knew his Goddess Ehlonna was smiling upon him for his successes in saving the forests. But little did he know how grateful. In the last major battle in Odadjian’s Reach, Heimdall’s forces began to overcome the might of the Ominian forward camps militias. But all was not won, not yet. For in the distance, over the horizon shined the Ominians Lancer Division. With light spears being shot wildly in the forest, Heimdall’s forces were routed. Heimdall put his hands in the air and approached the 300 men who had single handedly crushed the rebellion. The Lancers encircled Heimdall. He was now truly alone. Or so he thought. Just as the Justiciar approached him, Heimdall did the only thing he believed he could do; Pray. Ehlonna forgive me. I have failed you. It appears the power of steel outweighs the joyous oak. Please Ehlonna as one final request, embrace me in Arborea.

The ground began to shake, surrounding the Lancers arose rows upon rows of wooded spike barricades. Heimdall stood up quickly, Wooden spikes separating Heimdall and the Justiciar from his men, they each heard the cries of pain from men, and metal clashing. They looked upon each other, the Justiciar summoned his light spear and threw it at Heimdall. Heimdall cringed as it soared through his torso. He reached out to the wall of spikes surrounding him and ripped out a large spear of wood. The wood adjusted its sized and shape to match that of Heimdall’s will. Heimdall began to sprint at the Justiciar, while the Justiciar began to panic at the rush. Heimdall stuck his spear through the head, leaving the Justiciar bloodied and dead. Heimdall walked over to the Justiciar, pulled a mushroom out of his own pouch, and devoured it. Heimdall then proceeded the urinate upon the dead body of the man who caused so much death upon his friends. A screech echoed through the battle grounds, and into the center of the spike wall, where Heimdall was located, flew a giant eagle.The eagle swooped Heimdall into the air, on the way up Heimdall saw a beautiful sight. The woodland forces had rallied and now were causing the forces of Ominia to flee. Heimdall said a quick thank you to Ehlonna and continued to lead the forces upon landing.

Years later, Heimdall celebrated his twenty sixth birthday, or what he and Marshall called his birthday. The war of the forests had since calmed, and the two factions had gained an understanding, don’t fuck with us and we won’t fuck you up. A beautiful compromise in Heimdall’s mind. But today had a second meaning, for this was the day Heimdall’s life long friend Marshall was leaving to study at a monastery. Heimdall never understood Marshalls desire, nor did he try. Upon Marshall’s departure Heimdall began to wander, trying to find something to do. He was so unsure of what his life entailed now. A scent ran through Heimdall’s nose. Beautiful. He followed the scent to a clearing. Surrounded by mushrooms of various colors and sizes. “I have a problem” he thought to himself.
“Heimdall Dolmayan” echoed a tender voice through the clearing.
“Do not be afraid my brother, Ehlonna has sent me” Heimdall hesitantly followed the voice into a giant oak tree. There on the inner stump sat a glowing tall man.
“If i told you my name you wouldn’t know or remember it” Heimdall accepted this.
“What is important though is that you know this, Ehlonna has granted you great power, you know not of it now. but just know you are quite Favored.” and with that the tall man evaporated.

Days later, A roar erupted throughout the forest. Heimdall saw overhead a red dragon fly to the nearby giant mountain, burning every bit of forest along the way. Heimdall chased the dragon to his new found home. Heimdall thought of the new power the tall man spoke of. He reached into a tree and just as before pulled out a long wooden shaft, perfectly forming itself to Heimdall’s touch. He didn’t understand if this was his power the man was speaking of, or if there was more to it than that. Heimdall reached the mountain’s near-peak where there was a cave that the Red Dragon had taken refuge in. Heimdall was stunned by the size of the Huge dragon. But this did not faulter his actions. Heimdall got a sudden surge of energy, he shouted words he did not understand. All of a sudden, there appeared several griffons. Heimdall climbed onto the largest and flew at the dragon. The red dragon was not amused by this annoyance, as he swatted at the bird-cats. Heimdall flew at the dragons head, and jumped off. He went spear first into the eye of the Dragon, he hung there for several moments, and he felt another surge of energy, this time through his hands into the spear. The spears tip exploded into several spikes, the dragon fell over stunned . Heimdall took this Attack Of Opportunity to stab the dragon several more times in the head, each strike exposing more and more spikes buried in the dragons head. Heimdall stood up, and jumped off of his trophy. But as he did this he noticed the Tall Man on a rock eating an apple. He muttered two words: “Go South.”

Heimdall understood and obeyed. He went south to a town, its name is of no importance, where he met a strange bunch. A couple wizards, a druid, a Draconic Cleric. He already knew what this entailed, so he joined the group on their journey to save their friends.

Months later, much has changed for Heimdall. He has since given up shrooms, changed gods, joined the Mohorin Navy, killed his corrupted friend Marshall and taken command of a small dwarf army. But he has made several good comrades, such as Obrican, Carina, the battle tested Manny, November, Arcius, and the late but great Artemis. And only recently has he learned that his last name is Dolmayan

Oh yea he also Died. So yea, thats cool i guess. He actually was revived by Mahorin
Then a week later he died again


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