Herald Frederick

Herald of the Blessed Manny


Race: Half-Celestial Half-elf
Height: 5’10"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Short, brown hair that gives way to tawny griffon feathers in the back
Dress: Wears a padded battle-robe with the emblem of Manny on his chest.
Equipment: A battleaxe and a small case of throwing axes. A silver holy symbol at his side.


Herald Frederick, commonly called Fred, is the recently appointed Herald of Manny. He channels angels to speak with the Blessed Manny and can speak with great authority. Despite being new and inexperienced in combat, he is a skilled cleric as far as magic is concerned and holds high rank in the church. He became a half-celestial upon channeling a Solar Angel when proclaiming the divinity of Manny. He is Manny’s first true cleric.

He is also somewhat skilled in accounting and had trained in economics before his conversion.

Herald Frederick

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