Hirzon Error

Hirzon is a rogue. Or something like that. He’s pretty good at sneaking and handling the mortar; also part of some shady underground syndicate.


Stupidly high dexerity


Due to an unknown mishap, Hirzon Erorr was born an elf born with the appearance of human. due to this, he was abandoned by his puritan parents. Growing up an orphan in the city, he never knew his true heritage. Pick pocketing his way though life, he eventually joins a thieves guild. He joins the current party via his contact Arcius, and continues to adventure for money.

Hirzon was one of the few survivors of the Black Company’s final battle. After using Carina’s scroll to return, he and the others retreated to Kal’renth. There they met with Wilhelm and formed the Resistance of Manny. At first they intended on being a classical resistance, but when the Wyrd announced the mandatory worship of Exarch Lachesis, the Ur-Lords, and the wyrd, the leaders of the resistance decided they needed to get the support of the people and could only do that with a pseudo-religion of their own. thus Hirzon and Wilhelm proposed making the resistance into a church with Amoss at the head and wielding Manny’s axe, the Axalted. Even though she didn’t want to, Hirzon insisted. He promised he would still handle most of the administration and the duties she didn’t want and would help her fulfill her role, but Hirzon had never really wanted to be in the spotlight. Now he leads the Resistance as High Father, often setting up scouting parties and searching the world for the artifacts and items requested by the dragons.

Hirzon Error

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