Insidiator "Sid" Iusti

XI - Hopeslayer


Insidiatori “Sid” Iusti
Duskblade 13 Assassin 3

Notable Belongings:
+1 Brilliant Energy Spike Chain
Kawaii floating shield
A Winter Wolf Familiar
Dons all mithral armor
Ring of Undetectable Alignment

His theme:


As a young boy, Sid was very loved by his parents and younger brother Yasuo. They lived for years under the reign of an oppressive and overtaxing government (To be named late). This made life difficult for the boys farmer parents; for they barely had enough to pay the tax, much less eat on a consecutive basis. But Sid was oblivious to this, he worked with his family on the farm starting at age 15. He and his brother dropped out of his studies to help his family with the years harvest. Then he found he was needed more than he thought, so he stayed. His father, Marlod, was thrilled, because he could barely walk in his weakened malnourished body, much less farm. Sid was happy he could finally help his parents, and get away from all of the other people that he had grown to hate. Sid had worked so tirelessly, that he had ended up making enough money to expand the farm. For once in their lives; they were all truly happy. Once the money came in, so did the food and soon Sid’s father was back out there, increasing capital even further. When news came of a war, it seemed to destroy Marlod’s desire to do anything. For he knew what was coming.

Three days after the war had been declared; Sid and Yasuo were drafted. Sid didn’t want to go, not only would he miss home, and his brotherc but he would also have to put his life in the hands of people, his least favorite species. Upon joining the military, Sid went through examinations, both physical and mental, he proved to be an extremely useful tool, so the military decided to have him enroll in the Duskblade Division; a special forces unit designed around the combination of spell and sword, as well as being known for producing the most well trained soldiers on the field. Over the course of his career he went on several missions where he honed his abilities. But in the field, the Commanders found he was best suited to working alone in the line of infiltration. This, combined with Sid’s desire to stay away from humans resulted in him deciding to join the infiltrator Corps. There he was vigorously taught how to best utilize his above average intelligence, brutish strength, and advanced sneaking techniques to max out his potential as a weapon.

His military career was substantial, he had become an agent for his home. Working alone, and assassinating key figure heads. On one such infiltration job, he happened to find himself in the museum of a great artificer. Enchanted blades and bows were aplenty, but one caught his eye more than any; A glowing blue Spiked Chain. Sid took it, and then preceded to use it to murder the artificer, whom had it belonged to. But when he swung, Sid found no resistance from the heavy armor of the guards. This would be the weapon he was known for using for his entire career. Sid, with this new tool, helped to bring an early end to the war. with the victor being obvious.

Whenever he returned home, there laid only ashes. His farm was gone. His family was gone. Sid head into town to discover a shocking truth; the government had put up wanted posters of him. Sid felt betrayed by his own people, only further increasing his trust and antisocial issues. He donned a disguise, and used his training to infiltrate the citadel in which the government leaders had gathered. He watched as they had supper from the ceiling using his ability Spider Climb, until a familiar target appeared. The Ruler of the opposing lands they had been at war with was now sitting at a table, eating with the betrayers, less than 100 ft from him. It all made sense now. The war was a set up. For why, he knew not, but he did know what needed to be done. Sid went to the towns slums, where he knew where to find the local assassins. He requested to join, he knew the price, but he needed the power. So he walked up to a random citizen and stabbed him. He was now an assassin. The new found brothers gave him training, He devised a way, so that he could crudely use his skills as a dusk blade so that he could make his death attacks even more deadly. He now had all he needed to defeat his adversaries.

Sid journeyed back to the citadel, and watched. He studied the patterns of the defense, the ministers brunch schedule, his daily wank, but most importantly: when he was around his governmental leaders. After 4 days of study, he was ready. He entered same way as he came in the last time. He waited for the bastards to sit. For the next 18 seconds he studied the Minister. He then jumped down and chain whipped with a velocity and angle that impaled the spikes into the wall, and the ministers head now splattered across it. Panic struck as Sid began to violently lash out against each screaming member of the dinner party. Guards entered hastily, to only see the dead bodies of all of the guests, with the distant but unmistakable sound of unsated laughter.

Sid stole a horse and ran. Laughing for hours. Days later, he found himself in a bit of a tundra. He sat down shakily, he was no longer laughing, he was terrified. Sid knew he would be killed, that is IF they could kill him. “They cant kill me if i’m more powerful, killing makes me more powerful. IF IM Powerful, i can stop the corruption, i cant stop the bad people, but first i must become strong.” He ran out into the tundra, looking for his next kill. He happened to come across a wild pack of Winter Wolves, He took 18 seconds and kill the omega. Sid then swiftly turned invisible, enabling him to Sneak attack the surrounding wolves, Until only the alpha stood. The maniacal laughter filling the blizzards. The alpha fled. Sid began to chase, until he saw something fall from its mouth. He found it to be a baby Winter Wolf, he decided to make it an ally, and maybe a friend. One thats not human.

Years later, Sid and his now grown up Winter Wolf familiar Fidelis, explore to any towns and see if its government is worthy of death. One such, more recent, event was when they found themselves in the town of Adirolf, where the taxes were outrageous, and the King, more so. Sid had come to terms long ago with the fact that he killed for pleasure, and power, but he still tried his best to direct his kills at people who deserved it. He was not always successful. But this King, Feek, deserved to die, and Sid was more than happy to commit it. At night, Sid snuck into the Kings hall. The less sneaky Fidelis, managed to get around the back of the Hall, undetected for Sid had killed the guards patrolling there. Fidelis was now laying in nearby, snow filled bushes, using her natural camo to not be detected. Sid, on the inside, was now perched onto the roof of Feek’s bed chambers. Sid studied carefully, then jumped and whipped the bed in half, blood now soaked into Sid’s armor. But he was not done yet, he urged for more, and so did his friend. Sid walked into the main room, blood dripping to the ground. Guards circled him, swords drawn. Laughter began to emerge from the surrounded man. He suddenly jumped past the guards, dodging each attempted blow, Sid ran along the wall until he could feel his connection strengthen. Sid muttered a few words with some hand gestures. From out of thin air, emerged the Winter Wolf, using her Icy breath, cleared a line of guards. This did not stop their assault, one by one they approached, just to be bitten and thrown. Sid was having the time of his life killing several people at a time with his Brilliant Spiked Chain. Another wave of guards burst into the room, accompanied by some very young, but wise looking, robed men. The guards began to throw nets at Fidelis, ensnaring her while the netting began to catch fire while the robed men began their incantations. Fidelis cried out in pain, knowing her fate to be sealed. Her mind reached out to Sid and muttered a single word “Kill.” Sid was sent into a frenzy, his body glowing he began to violently teleport around the room, chain whipping his enemies into a new state of life. The robed men were the first to die, then the guards, then finally the nets. Fidelis and Sid barely had enough strength to limp out, but they limped out. Smiling.

Oh and he totally betrayed the party and turned an easy win into a crushing defeat. Lol what a lil bitch.

In the months since Zerstorung, Ur-Lord Iusti has been the military leader of the Wyrd. Serving Exarch Lachesis toward unknown goals, he has destroyed the armies of Anatis and Marth and currently works against Kal’renth. Since there are few who side with the Wyrd, most of Ur-Lord Iusti’s battles are handled personally. So far, the only ones who have held him off are the dragons. In the build-up to the final battle he was banished back to Miltia. His status there and his ability to return are unknown.

“In the right light, study becomes insight.”- Sid

Insidiator "Sid" Iusti

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