I - Planeslayer


A tall man in white robes.

His theme


The leader of the Wyrd. He has appeared in flashbacks and in the present as the man in white. Known as The End in the Ky’lar Prophecies and as a planeswalker in the official roster. Lachesis appeared to the Black Company first by opening a portal forXark. They glimpsed him again at Xark’s death, as they left the mountain.

Lachesis appeared once again, this time in direct confrontation with the party during the Defense of the Warp. Here he appeared out of a crystal containing the Goddess Nephrale. Sithern, Vespa, and Xark appeared with him and he combined their key crests with the crests of the fallen cabal members to produce a massive amount of corruption around Nephrale and the Warp. Heimdall’s sacrifice stopped this, but at the cost of November. Heimdall’s power reawakened Nephrale and she chased Lachesis away.

He appeared again during the events of Zerstorung (though not in the Black Company’s final battle) as the leader of the Wyrd and styling himself Exarch. He currently is the unchallenged master of Ferros and rules from a demiplane. Once in a while he has been seen with the other Ur-Lords of the Wyrd but such sightings are rare. Ever since Zerstorung, he has been the focus of the worship and the Wyrd protrays him as a demigod of sorts.

History, abilities, and motivations unknown, but he displayed some sort of plane-bending power when fleeing from Nephrale. He is now known to be able to intercept souls being resurrected and corrupt them in mysterious ways.

The Exarch Lachesis, God of Fate and Freedom, was defeated by Manny, the Exalted Dreadnaught. Rather than be killed or taken prisoner, Lachesis took his own life.



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