Lady Thatcher

Lieutenant of Ur-Lord Sithern


A tall, well-built woman.
Brown hair with a streak of blonde kept long and curled.
Wears a dress of silver and mithril plates and scales designed to look like armor.


The Lady Thatcher is one of Ur-Lord Sithern’s public lieutenants particularly known for attending parties and keeping an eye on the nobles. She is also an effective administrator and is responsible for keeping the day-to-day activities of Lyrise (and Aventurine in particular) up and running. Despite her courtly roles, Lady Thatcher is also skilled in combat. Before Zerstorung she was a high ranking battlemaiden of Echoe.

During the battle of Aventurine Lady Thatcher publicly denounced the church of Echoe and declared her loyalty to the Wyrd. She challenged the leader of the battlemaidens, Selene Hama, to single combat. The Selene accepted and ordered her battlemaidens to witness the event and, if it were to be going poorly, to attack Thatcher. They met at night in Fountain’s Court. Selene Hama struck first, but Lady Thatcher held her own, clearly a match for the Selene. Finally, Hama struck her down, but as she moved in for the kill, the Lady Thatcher repulsed her with a strange power. Laughing she stood, revealing a sigil of blood on the ground. The Selene ordered the battlemaidens to attack, but none of them moved, held in check by a circle of blood that Thatcher had laid down over the course of the duel. With unnatural strength, Thatcher clove the Selene and she fell. The traitor pulled out Hama’s heart and declared that any who were loyal to Hama and any who loved her would now follow the Lady Thatcher and the Wyrd. She pierced Hama’s heart and drank it’s blood, letting it mingle with her own and the battlemaidens across the city were compelled to obey. Those who were able to resist the control were subdued and corrupted. With the main force of Lyrise now tied by blood to Lady Thatcher, the gates of Aventurine were opened and the city handed over to Sithern.

Since then, the Lady Thatcher began hunting down every remaining priestess, cleric, and altar-girl for conversion. Through blood magic, corruption, and old-fashioned fear, she solidified her control of the city. She never revealed what led to her treachery in the first place, and the nobles have learned it is unwise to question her too far on it.

Lady Thatcher

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