Manny KiLore

A barbarian from the Lurecia Archipelago.



  • Half-Orc
  • Barbarian 9, Champion of Gwynharwyf 8
  • Chaotic Good (Exalted)
  • 22 years old
  • 6’4"
  • 213 lbs.
  • Brown eyes, Black hair, Light-Brown skin

Primary Weapon

  • Orc Double Ax
    • First head: Fire/Acid
    • Second head: Frost/Shock

Secondary Weapons

  • Maul of the Titans
    • x3 Damage against objects
    • Used when things need better smashing
  • Armor Spikes
    • Acidic
    • Used when grappling, ramming, or something else that involves body to body contact

Tank/Melee DPS of the group. Also Focuses on crafting weapons and armor.



Born into the KiLore tribe of the Lurecia Archipelago, Manny has always been a tough fighter. His father was well known as one of the most durable warriors in the tribe, and wanted to make sure his son was even better. Nearly every day Manny was taught new ways to battle or new stances to use, and even before he could, his father would at least have Manny watch him train. Manny enjoyed the training, even when it was a bit hard to handle. Mannys mother was mostly a gatherer in the tribe, but she could also fight enough to defend herself. She felt a closer connection to nature, and taught Manny how to treat animals and find which fruits or berry were better than others. She also taught Manny how to be civil (or as civil as a tribal barbarian can get) and some basic manners. In Mannys personal time he would go out and play with the other children, or go and talk with some of the village elders, as they always had interesting stories to tell. Manny had many friends in the tribe as well as some rivals, who always wanted to try and beat Manny, whatever the competition was, his friends were the same, but didn’t get upset if they lost, and enjoyed the experience of fighting. Around the age of seven, Manny had learned not only how to use most weapons, but craft them as well, a very appreciated skill in the tribe.

Only two years later though, the tribe was attacked by strong rival tribe. Most of the warriors of the tribe quickly ran to fend off the first wave of attackers, while others went to protect those who could not fight and move them to safety. The rival tribe had of course planned out the attack though, and had more of their warriors attack from behind and flank them. Warriors of the KiLore had to quickly move form their positions to prevent form being boxed in. Once Manny had moved through most of the chaos with the people heading to safety, he saw his father fighting, but at the worst moment he could have seen him. Manny saw his father die almost as soon as he spotted him. When Manny saw this, he immediately flew into a rage. He ran over, picked up his fathers weapon, and began to fight alongside the other warriors. He was able to help fend them off long enough to allow the others to move to safety. The other warriors were inspired by Mannys spirit of battle, which allowed them to begin to push the enemies back.

After the battle, the tribe had to move, as the enemies surely would not just let them be. Most of the warriors were either killed or severely wounded. The survivors went to a friendly tribe known as the Shanta. The tribe accepted the survivors into the tribe, helped them to recover and soon become a secondary clan within the tribe. Manny spent his time practicing and training others techniques his father taught him, while also crafting weapons for the tribe and to sell to the nearby city. The warriors in the tribe easily accepted Manny as one of them and taught him their tactics and fighting styles. When Manny wasn’t crafting or training, he was out exploring or in the city listening to the stories of various travelers. After the years passed, Manny had been on many hunting trips and battles with other tribes. Eventually, Manny wanted to create his own story, and decided to leave the archipelago to find treasures for his tribe and come back with an epic tale to be told for centuries.

Manny KiLore

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