Merrikyl "Merry" Akashiya

An elf bard from Calisaele


Bard 13
Deity: None

St: 11
Dex: 16
Con: 12 (16)
Int: 14
Wis: 14
Cha: 18 (22)


  • Primary:
    • +1 Flaming Light Swordbow
  • Secondary:


  • Armor: Celestial Armor
  • Shield: +1 Animated light steel shield
  • Other: Ring of Protection +2

Height: 5 ft.
Weight: 100lb.
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Build: Slim


Merrikyl, better known as Merry, both for her perpetual bubblyness and her frequent exhortations of dislike for her given name, is daughter of Aramil and Drusilia Akashiya. She and her parents have lived their lives in close proximity to Aramil’s sister, Countess Tethys of Ailele. Incidentally, this also makes her the cousin of Obrican Nikshii, with whom she currently travels.

Merry’s childhood was typical of one among the elvish nobility, much of which was spent at Lady Daiie’s Finishing School, where she found a distinct talent for combining her natural abilities in singing and the elvish knack for magic. After leaving school, she was able to enter the prestigious Madame Octavia’s Bardic Academy (precisely how a pony can play a cello with virtuoso level talent without fingers remains a mystery to much of her students) where she improved her voice even further and became known as one of the most talented students of her class. She had no major disciplinary issues, aside from one incident where she shattered several thousand crystal goblets with her voice during a banquet she was performing at, which was judged to be an accident.

After graduating, Merry returned home and from there quickly became court bard at her aunt’s castle. She served in that capacity for a decade or so, when rumors came to the palace through travelling troubadours about a group who had been responsible for the deaths of prominent figures in both Caer Jaenelle and Agrabah, as well as having won the Mohorrin Cup. These tales described an unstoppable hulk of a half-orc, an Aasimar with a passion for fire, as well as a draconic cleric with a fondness for weather based magic, who had sprouted wings in the middle of a match after having been teleported into the air. Suspecting the latter might be her son, Tethys sent Merry to assist him in the event he managed something highly impressive and thus bring glory on her name.

Merry was killed just prior to Zestorung by Ur-Lord Severus, as written in “Fools Rush In”.

Merrikyl "Merry" Akashiya

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