• Catfolk
  • Monk 3 Ninja 7 Dervish 6
  • True Neutral
  • 20 Years Old
  • 5’ 10"
  • 102 lbs
  • Brown eyes, Light-gray hair, White skin, Gray fur

Primary Weapons

  • Intelligent Adamantine Katana
    • Communicates through Speech
      • Common
      • Draconic
      • Elven
    • Purpose is to defeat enemies of opposite alignment
      • Neutral alignment, Enemies = powerful people of LG LE CG CE alignment
      • Dedicated ability: Lightning bolt 10d6 damage
    • 14 Int
    • 16 Wis
    • 10 Cha
    • Minor abilities
      • Faeire Fire 3/day
      • Cure mod wounds on wielder (2d8 +3) 3 /day
      • Deathwatch always on
    • 15 ego
  • Shortbow
    • Knockback

Secondary Weapons
*Unarmed Strike

  • 1d10 Damage



As a child, Niachi had been orphaned, his family being unable to keep up their debts, and the people they owed getting tired. He was spared, since he was young, but given no support, left on the streets to fend for himself. He learned ways from watching others who had to do as he, learning to sneak around places and move quickly to escape capture.

For years, he did this, until one day, when the cities festival came around. Of course, the festival being a great way to sneak around in crowds and not get caught, Niachi went there every year to find food and such. As he was doing so, someone had noticed him, got angry, and tried to chase after him, but Niachi had been ready for such a thing, and quickly escaped through paths which and up walls the angry one could not follow through, this escape thoguh, caught the eye of one of the people, who could follow Niachi. The person followed to the spot Niachi went to hide at, and found him munching away on the item he had managed to steal. The person confronted Niachi, startling him, but Niachi quickly recognized him as one of the monks from the nearby monastery, so he had no reason to be tense, as they were usually forgiving. The monk asked Niachi about his skills, confusing him at first, but he went along with it. They conversed about such things for a bit, until the monk finally asked Niachi if he would like to join the monastery and hone those skills he had. Niachi liked the idea of having home again, even if he didn’t know much of what that was, but was still reluctant to go, in the end he decided it would be best to go with the monk.

He trained with the monks for some time, learning how to fight without weapons alongside his training in acrobatics. After some time, Niachi became more focused on his skills in movement, learning to move great distances with ease. With his skills reaching equal to that of the monks he had lived with, he wanted to go learn more of this world, and set off on his way.

The skills he learned had proved useful in his adventures, being able to out maneuver opponents and catch them off guard, as well as get to the places he needed to. During his travels, he met many people of interest, eventually joining up in a party of travelers, a bard, fighter, and spell caster of some sort. The bard would keep the party entertained with stories of things he’d seen and the adventures of his previous party, talking about a barbarian wielding a strange ax, a scaly cleric, and rogue whose name was heard wrong.

They traveled together, each gaining new knowledge of what they wanted to learn, causing trouble at times when the things they wanted weren’t as easy to get. There travels eventually took them to an old ruins site, where the spell caster wanted to try and find some old records. While exploring the site, Niachi heard strange whispering coming from a room, when he headed over to see what was there, all he saw was a katana. He took it to show it to the group, at which point, it spoke to him, causing him to jump back and drop it. They proceeded to converse for a while, the katana telling Niachi who he was and what he was for, and Niachi seeing no harm in his path from the weapon, decided to take it along for his travels as his new weapon.

For another few years, the group traveled together, all of them forming closer bonds, and Niachi growing particularly fond of the groups spell caster. One day though, the skies started to twist, strange cracks heard in the distance, until a huge portal opened above the cities church, and creatures flew out to destroy it, the party immediately ran to go assist the church, but quickly became overwhelmed, the party was fighting a losing battle, and they quickly realized this, then one strike from the enemies took down the caster, and then, for Niachi, everything seemed slow, she feel to the ground, and then everything went black.

Niachi woke up later by a tree outside of town. His weapon had taken over to guide him here, and waited until he awoke. He explained that only he and the bard managed to get out of the mess, but was unsure what the bard did to get out, he only knew he saw him leaving the town.

Months later Niachi had been found by a group of people looking for recruits to fight against the people who destroyed the churches and had started to try to take over the world. He joined up with them, as it would be the best for him to do now, and now he finds himself on his way to place called Kal’renth, he had never been there himself, but the spell caster of his previous party said it was her homeland.

(I made most of this up on the spot, so it might not be all that great)


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