Obrican Nikshii

A dragon-descended cleric from Jik'Ton


Half-Dragon Elf*
Cleric 8/ Swift Wing 7
Deity: Erick

ST: 16 (20)
Dex: 16
Con: 16
Int: 16
Wis: 18 (22)
Cha: 16 (20)


  • Primary
    • Storm Talon: +1 Shockra Spell Storing scimitar
  • Secondary
    • Rod of Fire and Lightning: Produces Kelgore’s Fire Bolt and Seeking Ray upon command, also functions as a +1 light mace
    • +1 crossbow
    • Claws


  • Armor: +1 Moderate Fotification Called mythril full plate
    • Gives a 75% chance of negating a critical hit, and can be summoned from any location on the same plane, which is a standard action
  • Shield: Shield of the Winged Crusade (+1 heavy steel)
    • Once per day, the shield can translocate Obrican ten feet to avoid an instantaneous effect that allows a reflex save
  • Other:
    • Ring of Protection +4
    • Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone

Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 175 lbs.
Skin: Grey with bronze tinge, claws are bronze
Eyes: Green with slight yellow tinge, cat-like pupils
Hair: None
Build: Athletic, moderately muscular
*Obrican is physically a Draconic Half-Elf, but considers himself a Half-Dragon. See below for details.


Obrican Nikshii was born to the bronze dragon Gravithrae, and the elven fighter Countess Tethys of Ailele, who met while Gravithrae was arbitrating a contract. Gravithrae’s actions during the arbitration resulted in Obrican’s birth, although whether the contract was broken or fulfilled is debatable. He had a relatively uneventful childhood in an orphanage run by the temple of Caryn. He was educated in a school run by the temple of Sarah. He graduated with satifactory marks despite frequent distractions.

After he left school, he entered the Dragon Riders Academy, where he displayed a relish for combat and a talent for command. Soon however, he got into trouble when he confronted and fought with an older cadet who had been bullying the other students. While the faculty recognized that Obrican had been defending the other students, they still found him at fault for not going to them first. Not wanting his talents to go to waste, they recommended he join the churches of either Caleb, the Ice Wyrm, general of the armies of the draconic gods or Erick, the Storm Dragon, captain of the armies of the gods. Obrican found the rigidness of the Code of Behavior required by the Ice Wyrm, to his distaste, as well as a sense of discomfort around large amounts of ice and snow. For these and other reasons, Obrican joined the temple of Erick as an initiate. His training came and went without incident. Once he had graduated, he was given his holy symbol, a suit of armor, and a scimitar. As with every other initiate, he was expected to travel abroad to gain experience. He chose to travel to Calisaele after meditating upon the uppermost platform of the temple of Erick and a wind blew towards there and whispered “Go” into his ear.

Once arriving there he joined up with the half-orc barbarian Manny and the gnome bard Lever. Since then, he has traveled widely, including to a bordertown named Chiton, where he ended up sacking a temple of Echoe. From there, to Ominia, where he met and begin dating a local girl named Carina. While in the central portion of that continent, he fought the draconic traitor Siltheros twice. During the second, he became an avatar of Erick and engaged Siltheros, who had become an avatar of Fletchis in a fierce battle which ended when Obrican tore his opponent’s head off.

Soon after Silpherous’ defeat, Obrican became an Exarch of the Dracorexi, the draconic celestials dedicated to pure good above the agendas of the individual gods. However, after several incidents in proceeding months which required his Atonement, the Dracorexi released him from service. Noting that while unsuitable for their ranks, Obrican was nevertheless a powerful mortal servant of good and thus showed him his true master, the Dragon Gem. The Dracorexi explained that the Gem allowed him to keep the powers he had earned thus far, but would not grant further ones.

During his time in Jeberra, he participated in the Mohorrin Cup, a highly regarded tournament for the most skilled fighters in Ferros. During this tournament, he first encountered the Dragon Mages and became fascinated with their abilities. Soon after his participation in the defeat of Solead Gil, representatives of the dragons appeared to congratulate the Black Company for their defeat of Silpheros, and to escort Obrican back to Kal’Renth to begin his training in Cantus. During his time there he presented his report to the Dragon High Council about the defeat of Silpheros. As a reward for his service, they granted him the status of Half-Dragon and all the rights thereof, including the right to defend his status against any who would challenge it. He also became a minor celebrity on Kal’Renth during this time.

Just prior to Zerstorung, Obrican was Imprisoned underground in a small demiplane used by the Wyrd prior to their rise to power by Ur-Lord Severus, as written in “Fools Rush In”.

Obrican Nikshii

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