Perilune Claire

Leader of the Church of Echoe


A tall woman with long white hair.
She usually wears robes of dark blue and white.
Usually seen wearing a holy symbol of Echoe made of echite.

In battle she wears the Morpheus Selene, a special armor with deflecting properties.
She wields Apolune, an estoc made of four different rapiers in one.


Claire is the leader of the church of Echoe on the material plane, second only to St. Alice herself. Much of her backstory is shrouded in mystery but it is known that she was born under the reign of Queen Miku and served in the church her entire life. She led many campaigns into the eastern hills near the ruins of Esnam as well as evangelical campaigns to the desert town of Hem in the south. It is also known that she is the one who sent the Fourth Alice, the twins, to Aventurine in hopes of defeating the Queen. When that failed, she slept.

Perilune Claire disappeared during the mysterious events that cut off Lyrise. She is currently MIA.


Perilune Claire

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