Romulus "Rom" Lycaon

A holy warrior of Allistiel empowered by incarnum


werewolf_sketch_by_xHaNx.jpgHuman Natural Werewolf
Paladin 15/Incandescent Champion 2
Deity: Allistiel

ST: 16 (22)
Dex: 12
Con: 15 (21)
Int: 12
Wis: 16 (20)
Cha: 22 (28)


  • Claws: Can have essentia invested in them for additional damage
  • Bite
  • Shockra Parrying Beast Claws
  • +1 Shock Sickle
  • Light Ray: A ray of light shot from Romulus’ finger that can only damage evil creatures
  • Claws of the Zohar abilities
  • Ring of the Ram
  • Brooch of Prismatic Spray


  • +5 Mythril Full Plate
  • +5 Adamantine Animated Heavy Shield
  • Ring of Protection +2

Height: 6ft. 5in.
Weight: 180lbs.
Skin: Dark
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Build: Fairly muscular


Romulus Lycaon was born into a clan of werewolves, called the Charzanni, masquerading as Romani to facilitate quick relocations in the event of discovery by locals or authorities, as such discovery usually resulted in the formation of angry mobs out for blood. Romulus spent his childhood traveling around the continent of Anatis, having been born near the city of Caer Jaenelle. He and his family visited places as far flung as Blue Sky City, Gilead, Agrabah, and the occasional trip to the Esterlands.

Having little natural talent in performing, Romulus frequently found himself doing manual labor of one form or another, fixing tools, repairing wagons, etc., although on occasion he would find himself in the spotlight as a “wild” wolf during a beast-taming act put on to relieve the locals of excess coins and jewelry. While he found it amusing to watch his brothers trick simpletons out of their money, his favorite activity as a young man was scaring the living hell out of the local farmers who didn’t tip at the shows, or if the community snubbed them, letting all their livestock out, waiting for them to leave to retrieve them, then robbing the town blind.

If the folk were particularly pious, they’d also burn down the church for good measure. This was then followed by a swift retreat into the night to avoid the local authority should it be present, or the angry mob sure to form once the populace realized the livestock were only a diversion. The latter however was exceptionally rare and frowned on by clan elders as it drew unnecessary attention. They were also careful to guard those among them who were afflicted werewolves as they would surely expose them.

Alas, all the warnings and rules in the world will not stop a drunken young man from doing something incredibly stupid. And so it came to be when Romulus was 20, and enjoying a night in the town tavern with a few friends. Having downed a few tankards of stout ale, Romulus challenged a brawny local to an arm-wrestling match. Not wanting to subject himself to the digs of his friends, Romulus summoned strength from within himself when his prospects looked grim, and won handily.

Which meant he transformed into his hybrid form, in a crowded pub. This promptly caused an almighty uproar which reached its peak when the town formed into a lynch mob, and set out to burn the camp and slaughter the clan. They had by this time already packed to leave in the morning, and left the boys behind to gain as large a head start as possible.

Thus Romulus and his friends found themselves at the mercy of the mob, who quickly imprisoned the group in the basement of the town hall, to be executed the next afternoon. The news of their capture quickly reached a group of priests of Allistiel staying in the tavern while journeying to a temple. This peaked the interest of the most senior among them who sensed an opportunity to gain several dozen new converts. At the execution, he came forth from and announced that he would show them the power of Allistiel by turning Romulus to good.

Pulling a large gem from his robes, he cast Sanctify the Wicked upon him and promised to return in a year’s time and to release Romulus from the gem in front of them. A year passed, and in the gem, Romulus thought about his life and his actions, and turned his soul to good. After his release from the gem, he quickly joined the ranks of the holy warriors of Allistiel, learning both the ways of divine magic and a small amount about the powers of incarnum.

A few months before Zerstorung, on Midsummer’s Eve, when both Krayos and Sartra were full and bright in the sky, and the Midyear Festival was winding down, Romulus had wandered into the surrounding woods to finish celebrating by himself, and to have a midnight run in his wolf form. Finishing his run on the peak of the nearest hill with a clear top, Romulus found himself on his back staring at Krayos with a mixture of adoration and shame. His acute sense of smell alerted him that he was no longer alone.

Rising to his feet to greet the newcomer, he saw that his new companion was a lizardfolk, one of the favored of Allistiel. The lizardfolk seemed to be of incredible age, yet moved as though he were half Romulus’ age. Aside from the odd vitality he displayed the new comer’s most prominent feature were his eyes, which were the purest blue Romulus had ever seen and glowed with an inner light that made Romulus’ hair stand on end. Thinking him one of the visiting clergy, Romulus bowed and greeted him, and the elder nodded in response. As it transpired the elder’s name was Niv-Mizzet, and he was there specifically for Romulus. Intrigued as to what could attract such a powerful servant as Niv-Mizzet to him, Romulus questioned him. Niv-Mizzet expressed his admiration for Romulus’ record and how he had come to be in the service of Allistiel.

After concluding his praise of Romulus, Niv-Mizzet asked Romulus a question: If he were given an extraordinary gift, would he promise to do extraordinary things in the name of Allistiel. Upon Romulus’ affirmative response, Niv-Mizzet’s eyes seemed to glow even brighter. Smiling, Niv-Mizzet placed the tip of one of his claws in the center of Romulus’ chest. The claw began to glow with the same intensity as Niv-Mizzet’s eyes. Romulus felt something within him grow and expand. Just when Romulus felt that he would surely explode, he suddenly stumbled back a few paces. There was still a blue glow where Niv-Mizzet’s claw had been, which quickly faded. Niv-Mizzet then told Rom to hold his hands in front of him, and Rom quickly complied. Niv-Mizzet took Romulus’ hands in each of his own, his claws still glowing. A set of clawed hands, the claws larger and sharper than those he had in his hybrid form, made of blue light superimposed themselves around Romulus’ hands. This time Romulus was prepared and did not falter. As before, the glow soon faded.

His task seemingly done, Niv-Mizzet put his hand on Romulus’ shoulder and told him to go forth and fulfill his promise. As they said their goodbyes, Romulus offered to return to the temple with Niv-Mizzet, who declined, saying he had business elsewhere. Thus Romulus returned alone to the temple. In the following days he found that he could invest essentia in his claws, even those of his gauntlets, that he had a greatly increased pool of essentia, and that no one else had encountered or even heard of Niv-Mizzet.

Soon after came the cross-dimensional disaster Zerstorung. At the time Romulus was serving as a guard at one of the libraries of Allistiel. When the temple was destroyed by the Wyrd, Romulus was attempting to pull one of the lesser clerics out of a rift, Romulus was struck by flying debris. When he awakened a few days later, the cleric serving as a final sentry informed him that similar events had occured at temples all across Ferros, and that the temple’s former inhabitants and materials had been evacuated off plane.

Having had his entire world turned upside down, and refusing to simply turn tail and run, Romulus became one of the few holy warriors still on Ferros. One of the few remaining clerics, Tobias Talbot, inspired by his bravery, decided to remain and travel with Romulus. They were told of a group which had organized to combat the Wyrd. Romulus and Tobias made their way as stealthily as they could to the nearest port and booked passage on a “fishing ship” which took them to Kal’renth. There they joined the Resistance, and embarked on a new mission to defeat the Wyrd and restore the power of the deities.

Since joining the RoM, Romulus has traveled to places even his former clan had never ventured. His travels have taken him to the Lurecia Archipelago, Kal’Renth, and the elemental Plane of Earth, Terrax. Perhaps the most incredible place he has traveled to is the Seventh Heaven of Celestia. He has also met incredible beings, including two gods, Nyphistra Silvertree and Vardalon, Lord of Magic, and the favored saints of both Allistiel and Elohim. He even briefly held the Book of Exalted Deeds, before turning it over to the aforementioned gods. He has also experienced great loss, as his companion Tobias Talbot was slain by a dread wraith under the command of Lyvax. Since then, he has recruited the Sapphire Hierarch Zarek Raniy.

Romulus "Rom" Lycaon

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