Severus Motive

XII - Black Mage


A dwarf, digging a hole, digging a hole.
Wears red robes with fiery motif and carries a staff topped with an emerald.
Kinda whiny.

Theme song:


Severus once traveled with the Black Company in its early days. He helped defeat Content Not Found: simon-goldschkencht but was drawn to the dark power of the corruption. In Ominia he grew angry with a peasant and killed him with a burning anvil, a variant of his own design, and was summarily arrested. At his trial, then-Bishop Alderac obtained him a sentence of leniency if he swore an oath of service to the church of Elohim. Severus refused as was imprisoned for life in the Shadow Plane. His brother, Loki Motive, was summoned to the party to obtain Severus’ belongings.

He spent several months in jail until Alderac betrayed the world and took on the mantle of II and Archbishop of The Silver City by killing the former holder. Alderac arranged for Severus to escape prison and prove his loyalty to the Cabal (now the Wyrd) by causing the Black Company significan trouble now and again. He was never a force to be reckoned with until the final battle of the Black Company where he revealed himself as XII and cast imprisonment on Obrican Nikshii and slaying Merrikyl “Merry” Akashiya. Now he rules with the rest of the Wyrd as Ur-Lord Severus. He has not been seen on the material plane in some time, however.

Severus had been busy for a long while working on a set of secret projects for Lachesis. Since Zerstorung, he was seen twice on the material plane implementing these. The first was during a siege of Jik’ton in which he supervised Valorie’s deployment of the Wolfrau. The second was in Bluesky City as part of the events leading up to Yasuo’s Devastation. There he led a ritual spell designed to amplify the power of all antitheses. His final appearance was by Lachesis’ side in his final showdown with Manny. Severus was slain by an unknown psion.

Oh! Jingle Bells, Manny smells
Heimdall laid an egg!
Obrican is really gone,
and Hirzon got away, hey!

Jingle Bells, Oh, nine-hells!
Sid betrayed them all!
Merry was Carina’s cuz
and now they’re in Hell’s hall!"

Merry X-mas, from Severus.

Severus Motive

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