V - The Traitor

  • Very large, very old silver dragon
  • Pretended to be a green pegasus
  • Very dead

Siltheros was a silver dragon who betrayed the race long before he met the Cabal. He had betrayed Caleb to side with Fletchis, the evil draconic god of ice and general unpleasantness. At some point he must have become frustrated enough with the state of things that he tried to corrupt the dragon gem. Along the way in his research he encountered Lachesis, probably the only Cabal member who wasn’t sought out by the man in white.

During the party’s travels through Ominia, Siltheros sent all manner of evil dragons and ice elementals (and general unpleasantness) at the party, save when they were briefly in the Silver City. When the party visited the tzoachim, Siltheros ambushed them. They fought bravely, but the dragon snatched and paralyzed all of them save for Obrican Nikshii. Obrican gathered a rag-tag party to mount a rescue mission, which was relatively successful, but mostly because the dragon masqueraded as a pegasus to lead the party to his lair.

That decision turned out to be his undoing, as is usual. The party ventured to the top of the castle for a suitably epic confrontation. With the help of the secondary party, the Black Company was victorious…until, in his final moments, he activated his store of corruption and broke through the Dragon Gem to reach out to his god. Fletchis was waiting and took Siltheros unto himself, making the silver dragon now the avatar of the ice god.

The damaged Dragon Gem appeared on the tower and while the Black Company began breaking the black ice upon it, Fletchis attacked Manny directly. Obrican took the chance to meditate and try to find Erick through the damaged Dragon Gem. He grew closer and closer, but it wasn’t until Lever, local bard, channeled the awesome might of Darteryu to break through the wall between the worlds and Erick rushed into Obrican gloriously. The fight between the gods was truly epic, in the most literal sense of the word, and the party, recognizing that they couldn’t fight the gods (yet), began destroying the black ice on the Dragon Gem. Without his minions, Fletchis couldn’t overcome Erick and the party. They destroyed the ice, repairing the corruption and the link between the gods and their avatars was broken. Siltheros’ body crashed into the castle and there was much rejoicing. Yay.

This battle was also the debut of Heimdall, whose main contribution to the battle was to throw a spear at the dragon. He missed. And lost his spear.


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