Simon Goldsknecht

X - The golden king

  • Tall, human male
  • Blond hair, blue eyes
  • Adorned in Gold Armor, carries a scepter and a sword
  • Very dead

Not much is known about Simon from the view of the Black Company, but he was the first member of the Cabal that they encountered. He was in charge of a plan to generate corruption through dreamless and blood magic. Originally he was a wealthy baron from Manscell who was banished for perverse acts. How he met Lachesis and the Cabal is unknown but they probably occurred around the same time.

In the Esterlands, where he operated, Simon ran a smuggling ring to obtain certain artifacts. He needed a quantity of zorite for enhancing the innate abilities of the dreamless. Of course, he also needed four dreamless to make a circle and the blood mages to give him the power for the trap. The party was investigating him on behalf of the local police, and he used that to lead them into the town square, where he sprung his trap. A circle of dreamless expanded via blood magic and zorite surrounded a large number of people in the square, including most of the party. As the dreamless worked, a zorite dagger collected corruption for Simon. The party found the weakpoint, however, and destroyed the zorite. Manny KiLore finally ended Simon by getting very big and throwing the man off a building. And then smashing him.

The zorite dagger was destroyed, much to the chagrin of Alice. Various party members obtained corruption and they learned about the Cabal. Manny met Dryctarth and was told to seek the Zohar in the north, and to beware V and II.

Simon Goldsknecht

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