III - The Nightmare


A fair woman with straight black hair.
Usually wearing green armor bearing an image of a broken moon.
Wields a dark mace decorated with moonstone and ivory.


Sithern was once a cleric of Echoe. Her rank in the Wyrd suggests she was one of the first clerics to defect from her worship to side with Lachesis but it is unknown when she did. The church records don’t list her as having disappeared until the defeat of Queen Miku and the return of Saint Alice, but she was probably corrupted before then. Given her knowledge and part in corruption it is possible she helped the queen with the creation of the Dreamless, but she definitely wasn’t a favorite in the Queen’s court nor was Sithern highly ranked in the Church of Echoe. For a time after St. Alice returned she was missing even from sight of the Cabal, but she had returned when The Black Company faced Lachesis in the Warp and was present at the Black Company’s final battle. It is unknown what she did during the time she was MIA but it can be suspected that she must have been busy remaking the dreamless after they were cleansed by Nagel Navari and Harris Castille.

The only powers seen so far have been some healing. As Ur-Lord Sithern, she has been most often seen at worship services in Anatis taking on some of the role that St. Alice once had.

Sithern disappeared with Lyrise and Perilune Claire during the mysterious events of Liberation Day.



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