Smaragd Jhank

Emerald companion and guardian


Smaragd is a huge adult emerald dragon.
He has a large spiked chain wrapped around his left foreclaw.
Several weapons orbit his head and body including a morningstar, greataxe, and a few swords.


Smaragd Jhank is the son of a great emerald dragon lawgiver of ancient days, though who exactly is hard to say as dragon records cannot verify the existence of such an ancestor. In truth, this is because Smaragd and his friend Wilhelm Chaoite came to Ferros from another world, one that was dying. He had lived and traveled with Wilhelm for many years, but currently operates on his own. He is the head of Prime Meridian’s Security Division (an obsolete post since the merger with the Resistance of Manny) as well as an agent for the Gem Dragons protecting the sanctity of the Dragon Gem. He met The Black Company in the fight against Siltheros, or rather in the aftermath thereof. Later he and Wilhelm fought the Black Company in a duel over the Compass of Order and Chaos, a piece of the key needed to activate the Elsa. He and Wilhelm traveled to Miltia with the Black Company, but did not accompany the group on their quest to find Lohengrin. Since Zerstorung, Smaragd’s location and activities have been unknown. If he has contacted Wilhelm, then Wilhelm hasn’t been telling.

Smaragd is a fearsome foe in combat; strong enough to fight Ur-Lord Sid in single combat without being instantly killed. While that is nothing surprising for most dragons, Smaragd has several abilities which help him shine among his kin. He is an experienced psywarrior, honing his psionic talents beyond what is normal for his kind. This training, unusual for a dragon, has given him unique abilities in combat, most notably his combo explosion and his use of weapons. Not only are his claws, teeth, and wings sharper and deadlier than normal, but various weapons continually float about his head and body, striking opponents in combat with just a thought. When he attacks with everything he has, he becomes an emerald blur of claws, fangs, and steel which almost always culminates in a large psychic explosion. There are few enemies who can withstand his onslaught.

Smaragd Jhank

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