Thom Forger

Cleric of Manny, somewhat young


Young human, just barely 16 years old.
Mid-level Cleric of Manny with a level or two in Barbarian
Uses a shortsword, mace, and battleaxe in combat
Wears full-plate with the sigil of Manny, some griffon feather decorations
Short, fluffy brown hair, brown eyes


Thom Forger is the son of Bran and Mary Forger, merchants over in Lyrise. Their family specialized in small forged goods such as tools, replacement parts, and puzzles. Originally Thom was to learn his father’s trade and had been working as an apprentice for some time. He and his family (he has a younger sister, Evanna) were in Wyltine Fair during Zerstorung. As recorded in Fools Rush In, he and Battlemaiden Elone met Hirzon Error and the others as they plane shifted away from the battle with the Wyrd. Because they were so far away from the city, Thom and family were spared the chaos of the night. Most divine casters were unharmed so long as they were away from the temples, and Elone was with the Forgers in their camp, a good distance from the center of Wyltine Fair. The Fair saw some casualties with the destruction of the shrines and the temple to Echoe, but was largely ignored by the Wyrd.

Hirzon and the others stayed with the Forgers that night. In the morning, they went to inspect the destruction. The damage at the Fair was small, but something was off. Most of the people were listless. They still conducted business, but the energy was gone from their tone. No longer did merchants cry out wild exaggerations of their products. Dancers and entertainers seemed lifeless and lackluster. Hirzon and Titus were on edge the whole time and warned the Forgers to stay close while Amoss and Elone went into the center of town to meet with the other clerics and paladins. The temple to Echoe had been destroyed and desecrated. A great symbol had been drawn in blood: An eye with four spiral arms in a circle. As the clergy discussed what to do, the Dreamless in the camp began to converge around the temple, silently making a great circle.

With the Forgers, Hirzon and Titus waited. A few Dreamless in their area were moving toward the center, but most stayed put, carefully surrounding the family. No one paid much attention, especially as their father began unloading the cart, but Thom’s sister was frightened. She clutched Thom and pointed out the Dreamless, the people acting weird and he in turn tugged on Titus’ sleeve. The ninja almost ignored him until the Dreamless began to link hands. Before they could finish, a quarter of them were dead from the two rogues. Hirzon tossed a sword at Thom and told him to protect his family. They were to ride hard out of town and wait at the camp. They’d be back with Amoss and any of the clerics they could find. No matter what, Thom wasn’t to let anyone surround them. The rogues cut a path through the Dreamless for the Forgers’ cart and then dashed off toward the center of town.

Thom had never used a sword before, not on a person. As the son of a smith he had made swords and had trained in swinging them, but he was more comfortable with the hammer than the sword. But there was no time for comfort now. His father was re-loading the most valuable cargo on the cart. Thom put his sister on and then turned back to the ring of Dreamless. They were closer now, trying to form the circle. Thom raised his sword and looked them in the eye. He froze. Their eyes seemed like whirlpools, drawing him in, sucking the color from the world. Deafening the world. There was nothing left, nothing to think on. His father’s voice a small noise in the background, not worth caring about. Care? There was no care, only apathy. And then there was a noise. The last noise, the last bit of light, a little girl who seemed scared. Why? Fear would be gone in just…a…moment…


Color returned to the world. Thom blinked as the fog cleared. In front of him the Dreamless blinked as well and then fell with a magical glowing axe protruding from its chest. It was the axe from last night, the one that had appeared in the cart. Thom didn’t know how it had gotten there or how it had hit the enemy, but it was glowing and pulsing with power. Looking at it inspired him, enraged him. How dare they try to take the light of his sister, the love of his father, his own creativity? He stepped forward to grab the axe and it settled into his hands as if it had always been there. Then it took over and Thom didn’t know what happened. Just like before, only this time the fog was red. When it cleared the Dreamless lay dead around him. His father was in the cart a few tents away and waving to him. He ran. The horses ran. No Dreamless blocked their path.

At their camp they made preparations to leave. Eventually Hirzon, Titus, Amoss, and Elone returned as well, looking very bloody. Thom explained what happened and showed them the axe. He gave it to Amoss, glad to be rid of it. Hirzon and Titus suggested the Forgers travel with them for a while. They were heading to Calisaele to meet with an old friend who might know what to do next. Elone was welcome as well. With the loss of the church, she was in need of purpose.

In Calisaele, they met up with representatives of Prime Meridian, who informed them about Wilhelm’s retreat to Kal’Renth. Titus sent a message and a day later a reply came, saying Wilhelm would pay for a transport. They found a ship that was willing to take them and set out. Some Wyrd ships began to pursue them, but as they reached the open sea, Smaragd flew in from the West and made short work of their pursuers. Once in Jik’ton, Titus and Hirzon founded the Resistance of Manny with Wilhelm. Thom’s father found work in the forges of Shiarn to support his wife and daughter. Thom considered staying with them, but Elone was joining the Resistance. She was his best friend (and quite pretty, even if she was several years older) and the memory of holding the Axalted called to him. He had to do what he could to protect his family, and so he joined as well.

Thom Forger

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