Twilight Sparkle

Brilliant wizard, researcher, and item-crafter


A purple unicorn with straight purple hair with pink highlights.


Twilight Sparkle lived in the empire of Ominia. She grew up in the midlands and attended university out west. She was always a brilliant student of magic and an exceptional wizard. During the era of The Black Company she was introduced to Hirzon via Wilhelm and developed a strong camaraderie with him. Despite his shadowy origins, his interest in magic was enough to make them pen-pals. After Zerstorung he contacted her and asked her to join the Resistance of Manny on Kal’renth. She accepted and has been serving the group ever since.

Currently she is listed as a monk within the resistance to reflect her status of assistant over believer. Despite being a capable adventurer and responsible for leading the party who cleared out the legendary Tomb of Horrors, she stays at HQ, focusing on research and item-crafting. She’s become very invested in continuing Carina’s research on purifying corruption and studies Cantus on the side. She was the one who put the party on the trail of the Key of Slow Time as having it would greatly speed up the item-crafting side of her duties and free her up for more research.

Twilight Sparkle

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