A Druidic mage who studies magic


Wizard 3/Druid 3/Arcane Hierophant 8
Deity: Lachesis

ST: 10
Dex: 13
Con: 14
Int: 20
Wis: 18
Cha: 13


  • Corruption seed-poking


Amulet of health
Photos and Lux
Ring of protection +2 deflection
Monks Belt +5

Wilding Clasp on each Item,
remains even in wild shape.


Valorie grew up in a druid coven in the backwoods of Ominia. While human herself, the convent itself was mixed race. When she reached the coven’s age of maturity, she was sent into a nearby trading town to investigate the strange happenings which had disturbed the balance of the local natural magic.

During her investigations, she found the source and traced it back to a wizard she found dead. The disturbances were caused by the wizard’s experiments in not only returning animals from the grave, but restoring them to full vitality. She found his lab and discovered the remains of his latest experiment, which appeared to have inflicted the wounds which killed him, but itself died in the struggle. Poking around as young folk are wont to do, she found one of his few successes, a creature nearby notes referred to as a “fleshripper”. Managing to calm the beast down, she soon befriended it, and released it from the cage. She then continued her exploration of his lab, and soon became fascinated by the new type of magic, which her elders had never before mentioned. After returning to the convent, she began her own experiments in secret.

As she continued her studies, she frequently sneaked back to the ruined lab to study the wizard’s tomes and grimoire, to the point that she began to neglect her teachings as a druid. When this was revealed, the elders of the coven ordered her to cease her studies of the arcane arts, and began hinting that if she did not, expulsion would be the result. This was only exacerbated by Valorie’s insistence on keeping the fleshripper, which she had named Jill, as her companion.

Feeling constrained, but not wanting to anger the elders, Valorie broke off her arcane studies for some time but often found herself thinking about what she had learned thus far, and and how she could combine the two into one unified system. Thus she began sneaking back again to the ruins, under the guise of more investigations into the local magic. It was during these stolen moments at the ruins with Jill that she really began to combine the two. When called upon to present the findings of her investigations, she instead demonstrated her fusion of arcane and divine, and her new title: “Arcane Hierophant”.

Affronted at her impudence, the elders immediately cast her out of the coven, and adding insult to injury, called upon the forest to utterly destroy the ruins of the wizard’s lab, thus robbing Valorie of her home and both her mentors. Relctantly accepting that she was no longer welcome in the place she once called home, Valorie set out with Jill to continue her studies into the fusion of arcane and divine magic.

- -

Roughly two years after her expulsion came the disaster that was Zerstorung. Intensely frightened at the behavior of the plane and driven half mad by the disruption of the magical balance, Valorie and Jill could fled to a secluded mountain, from whence they witnessed the destruction of a temple by unimaginable supernatural means.

Once the reality maelstrom had subsided, Valorie and Jill began skulking about various towns in an attempt to gain news. What she heard amazed her, and terrified her. The idea that mortals could cause such destruction was unprecedented. The only part that gave her hope was the news that someone was fighting back against the destructors. Hearing that they were in a place called Kal’renth, the two decided that the best plan was to head there and offer their unique abilities in the service of those trying to restore the world.

- -

At some point Valorie died. She went to Arborea, but then she was resurrected. Something went wrong and she met Lachesis who was super creepy and touched her soul inappropriately. When she woke up she and Titus were all like, “Woah, let’s not do that again.” Nothing happened until the party went out to an island off the coast of Aventurine. It turned out to be a bad idea and Sithern was there. She was all like, “Rawr!” and they were all like, “Pew pew!” and then she was all like, “Grrr, Super-Death-Beam Ultra 9000031.3.2 betacorehardmax.jpg!” But the party hit her and she lost her concentration so she touched Valorie’s soul again and she got all scared but didn’t run away. So then Sithern was all like, “Fine, you win but I want the pretty one!” So she poked Valorie and she became all corrupted and evil and teleported away.

A while later Valorie appeared with Sid and Severus leading a small force of demons and Wolfrau in an attack on Jik’ton. It’s not clear what the purpose of the attack was, but Valorie possessed the Orb of the Bronze Dragon (or Brass, practically the same metal, that was kinda dumb of the D&D people to use copper, brass, and bronze instead of just looking around for other metals like iron, steel, aluminum, sodium, etc.). The team had a big fight with Valorie and she almost got away, but Rom punched her in the stomach. Now she’s captive at Resistance HQ…but she’s totes a bad-guy.


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