VI - Hell's Mistress


Vespa is the classic Ominian beauty with blond hair and blue eyes and a strong frame.
Usually wears sleek red armor enchanted to look firey and nearly transparent.
Wields a trident of dark fire.


Vespa was a high-ranking member of the Church of Fallais before she joined Lachesis. She was known for her exceptional skills at seduction and summoning. Even though she would be suspected of leading a harem of succubi, she preferred the company of more vicious demons and devils. She said the seduction aspect of her duties was one she very much enjoyed and took great pride in and was one of the few clerics to follow Fallais in his aspect of pleasure. Vespa is also unusual in that she left the church very publicly. It seems that, for a short time, she was accepted in her new role despite her lack of faith simply because she continued being quite evil. It was only when Alderac Tritheim became the Lucifer that she really broke free of the church when she acted as bait for St. Ligeria Delacquer in the Battle of Blood for The Silver City. After that she joined Lachesis and was not seen until the battle at the Warp, and then again at the final battle of The Black Company.

She led the conquest of Ominia and the siege of The Silver City. Her powers are clerical but she has demonstrated great strength in summoning. She killed by Saint Delacquer and Saint Olxanis on Liberation Day.


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