Wilhelm Chaoite

CEO of Prime Meridian Travels

  • Height: Medium
  • Weight: Thin, but solid
  • Eyes: Red
  • Hair: Mid-length, wavy, very light mint green
  • Skin: Very pale
  • Age: Appears older, but has a youthful face
  • is a pretty cool guy

Wilhelm Chaoite is the CEO and founder of Prime Meridian Travels, Ferros’ only travel agency. His origins are unclear, but his company has been around for nearly a century. Based in Anatis, Wilhelm oversees the many logistical and economic aspects of traveling and supervises the various forays into other divisions of business, such as Prime Meridian Banking. He is closely associated with the emerald dragon Smaragd. The two of them first appeared together when founding the company, but Smaragd seems to have gone his own ways lately.

Wilhelm may look thin and he’s not terribly strong, but beneath that nice suit he’s pretty fit. More noticeable is his hair and striking face. The observant claim his hair moves on its own and that pale puffs of cloud emanate from his skin. Wilhelm always meets these accusations of funny business with his trademark calm gaze and half-smile. Anyone who knows him, though, knows that even his calmest stare is but one of many masks hiding his plans deep within. If you’re brave enough to ask, maybe he’ll tell you his plan. Or maybe not…

Wilhelm Chaoite

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