IX - Crafty rogue

  • Slender build, fair skin
  • Hair: red, clean-shaven
  • Eyes: green
  • Attire: practical leathers and light-weight silks, belts and bandoliers of tools
  • Weapon: double short-sword once belonging to Zidane
  • Dead

His theme:


Xark’s history is unknown, but he is a master rogue. In combat so far he has shown an excellent ability to dodge and evade, as would be expected, as well as tumble out of harm’s way. So far his only special ability seems to be a tumble that appears to flank his opponent. As a top-ranking member of the Wyrd, as well as having incredible cunning, Xark seems to possess many magic items to help in battle if need be.

He has been seen with both Dreamless and Warless as well as the mortal Roxans, a local gang. While he is certainly responsible for the corruption, his precise connection to it remains unknown.

Xark was confronted on a mountaintop in the Lurecia Archipelago by the Black Company and seemingly struck down by Heimdall. In reality he used the illusion to appear dead and drop off the radar so he could accomplish some tasks given by Lachesis. Since then he appeared at the Warp along with the remaining members of the Wyrd, surprising the Black Company and stealing a key crest. When Heimdall and Nephrale challenged Lachesis, Xark, Sithern, and Vespa fled. He was next seen in the Black Company’s final battle on Lachesis’ demiplane. Xark kept Manny busy while Sid got into position and killed him. As the survivors retreated, he attempted to loot Manny’s body, but the barbarian’s exalted blood prevented him from obtaining anything. He managed to throw away Manny’s axe into the mysterious well.

Since Zerstorung, Xark is styled Ur-Lord and is one of the masters of Ferros. He has continued in his old role of thief and battles with the Resistance of Manny for the last magic items and artifacts hidden away in dungeons.

Xark was last seen on the material plane attempting to retrieve the Key of Slow Time. After his failure, his final known appearance was in the fight between Lachesis and Manny. He died to a dragon-kin named Schrazon. He was very upset by the whole affair.

A visitation will be held in the Tomb of Zidane. Family and close frenemies only, please. BYOB.

’Twas the night before X-mas, and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Because I stole them all, every last one.
Every stocking hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Alice, soon would be there.

But she’ll never come, and the presents are taken
The witnesses silent, and terribly shaken.
I took their last meal, their tree, and their stockings,
Their bed and their mattress, their chimney and sock-ings.
All they have left is a bit of air, unless they sign
The contract I left there:

Pledge your soul to us and we’ll see you abound
With food and toys for your kids underground.
Yup, we stole them too, and also their love
By giving them cookies and candy and hugs.
So sign up today or shiver all night…

Merry Xarkmas to all and to all a good night!


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