Yasuo Iusti

Aasimar 26 brown eyes, brown hair, Tan skin.


Yasuo Iusti
Worships the Seamstress
Hexblade 14
180 lbs.
Owns brilliant energy keen Falchion
Ring of Blink

Dead: Killed himself in a massive disintegrate burst. Destroyed over 7 billion liters of matter, but not the crystal he wanted to. Still probably a record for biggest explosion caused by a player.


When Sid and Yasuo were drafted by the Army, they were separated. Sid went on into the Infiltrator Corps and Yasuo went to basic training. But during Yasuo’s health inspection, the mage noticed something in him. Something dark. Which baffled the Wizard, for Yasuo was Aasimar. But nevertheless, he was powerful, and very dangerous. The Wizard reported his findings to the commanders of the army, indirectly of course, the commanders were pleased. The Iusti Clan had certainly produced fine weapons for their war. Yasuo was to begin training in the dark art, and of course hitting things. But he was always supervised, for fear he would turn.

Yasuo flourished in the ways of the Hexblade, he toppled enemy captains and brutes like childs play. But he was always saddened that he knew not what became of his family, or more importantly, Sid his half brother. But Yasuo was always sure to keep his willpower high, even when his urges for blood seemed to overflow his mind. He feared he may go insane, but he couldnt. Not while his beloved brother still was his anchor.

After the war Yasuo returned home six days late. He had to get a thorough examination before being aloud to be set loose on the world. When he returned home he found but one thing; Ashes. He sobbed quietly as the dark sensation seemed to fester at the thought of his family dead. Yasuo head into town, searching for some who might have answers to the condition of his family. He was not happy with the results; many said that they witness Marlod and his wife be executed as an example; and even worse were the wanted posters. Of Sid. Yasuo looked all over for Sid, but he was as fortunate as the constables. In the dead of night Yasuo fled, searching for answer, why had his brother been condemned, why did he have to be born with this unruly sensation to kill everyone and feed off their power, why did war have to strike, why is the world so unfair.

Years later, the famous black company had been pronounced defeated. Their greatest warrior Manny The Barbarian, had been killed by none other than Yasuo’s brother; Sid. Yasuo vowed to stop the cracks in the universe, to keep back the dark hunger inside of him, and stop Sid. For he is the only one he feels can.

“Justice? Thats a pretty word.”

Yasuo Iusti

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