Really Interesting Name

Wait, I get my own page?


Ummmmm, well i didn’t expect to be getting my own page here, So uhh, well, I like long walks on the beach, stargazing, and being a sword.
In other news, im a sword, oh wait no, fuck, i said that already.
Fuck I’m bad at this
Wait its not a dating site?
I thought you said we were on DHarmony!
Well then what should i put here?
What do you mean general stuff about myself? The fuck does that mean?
Oh, oh wait i see, it says there stats and stuff, well thats not general stuff thats specific stuff! Get it right
well that shits on Niachi’s page, so go look over there
Now as soon as Jacob here comes up with some cool Biography stuff, that’ll get made, but it’s 10:46 and he has other stuff he wants to do right now

Hey yo i get a them too


Cool. We should hang out sometime. I’ll bring the pizza. -Xark

Really Interesting Name

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