Exeunt Xark

The party began the evening at the hole in the world. Without much to go on, they figured the best thing to do would be to seal it with some holy water and Carinite and hope for the best. Unfortunately, despite Carina’s discovery of Carinite, she hadn’t ever actually made a significant amount of it. With the party now needing a pound of the stuff, they headed off to gather resources. Platinum was easy as Heimdall’s titan could just pound a bunch of coins to dust. Zorite the group found in a local shop. The echite, though, they only knew of one place: Chitin.

Long ago the Black Company had saved a small town in Calisaele from the invading forces of Lyrise. During the scuffle they obtained an orb of Echite from the local temple to Echoe. The temple was converted into a branch of Prime Meridian Travels and the orb buried (it gave Manny the willies). The Black Company had intended to use the site as a home-base of source, but that never happened and as a result, they found themselves with only one original party member who even remembered the place: Manny. Based on a description, Heimdall scried the location of the town for Arcius, who teleported Manny there. The barbarian couldn’t remember the location of the orb, so Arcius sent to Obrican for help. The orb was recovered and Manny outfitted the basement with cool stuff.

They returned to the Lurecia Archipelago with the orb and Carina made a pound of the Carinite. Still, things troubled the group and they really wanted to improve their weapons. So they spent a nice long 10 days in town twiddling thumbs while waiting for crafting to finish. This time, of course, would prove to be detrimental as it gave Xark and the Roxans time to regroup. When the Black Company returned to the island, the Roxans were waiting with anti-aircraft guns ready. The SpellSeeker took a pounding and lost its figurehead, but their cannons somehow won the day and cleared the landing site. Once down, the group had to deal with a few golems, an ambush by some rogues, and a brief surprise visit from Xark.

They dealt with their troublesome opponents and cleared the way to the top. There, Xark and a few cronies attacked them one last time, but Heimdall was successful in encircling the hole in the world with a magic circle against corruption. The final battle against Xark and his minions was quick and decisive. The titan destroyed a golem, November took out a wizard and another golem. Xark himself clung to the mountainside for a while until the titan dispelled his equipment. At which he was so enraged that he descended and in a few attacks nearly killed Manny. Heimdall saved him, but Xark ducked around to kill Arcius. He was in position to do the same to the favored soul, but Heimdall’s fail-safe, Harm, finished the job. Together the party watched Xark’s key-crest to see the moment Lachesis recruited Xark, apparently to steal something in return for nigh-unlimited power and a chance at the relic of Zidane.

The final thing to do was to resurrect Arcius. Heimdall took responsibility for the task and amassed the whole of Lurecia’s unset diamonds from the jewelers to accomplish the task. He had to pool the resources of the party together, but did so and in the end Arcius returned. The party met Jindal briefly, who confessed her crush on Manny and also her anger at them leaving her behind. And Amoss, at Jindal’s urging, finally confessed her love for Manny and he finally, after being hit with a rock once or twice, understood her flirting. Manny’s mother was so proud and together, the party decided to take the fight to Alderac, in the Silver City.

Hole in the World

Having moved Manny’s village to a nearby town for safety, the Black Company came to regroup over dinner. They were quite tired, though, so when little Jindal came up to ask Manny if she could travel with the group, the group was less than accommodating. Manny tried to dissuade her, seeing as the girl could only just barely lift her sword, but she insisted on her bravery. Defeated the group had nothing left to say until a local bard spoke up. He said he knew of rumored masters and offered them three choices. As tired as they were, though, the company simply picked a card and sent Jindal off to study with Myralai the Swift, whoever he is.

Having dealt with that, the company traveled to the location of the hole in the world that Lomasi had mentioned. Travel was quick thanks to some good sailing by the crew and they arrived on the small island of Tar Alia. It’s a volcanic place with not much to see. Somehow, though, the Roxans were prepared to meet them with some golems and a Lifael. Despite their (best?) efforts, though, the Black Company easily met the challenges of the golems and their immunity to magic to arrive at the hole in the world. This one was by far the biggest they’d seen: a wide oval shape in the cliffs, eight feet long by three feet wide with cracks extending in all directions. Now that they’ve arrived, though, what will they do?

Meeting Xark

The Black Company had arrived in the Lurecia Archipelago. Manny had caught up with family and Heimdall had killed Marshall. This week, the party, having learned about the Roxans, a gang of troublemakers in the area, traveled to the town of Feri on Tar Mana Feri Island. There they met November, a Sargent in the Holy Army of Mohorin and local freedom fighter. In the few days since their arrival, the Roxans had seized control of the local government and begun a program of kidnapping and corruption. November led the party to the center of town to investigate rumors of a strange mist in the dungeon. The rumors proved true, but on the way the party encountered Dreamless and Warless. The dungeon itself did hold Lifael and much Lifa, but the party was unfazed and pressed on to confront the leader of the Roxans, Deisgrin. Whether he was corrupted or a powerful caster was never discovered as the Black Company unleashed all their might on him at once and brought him back to the SpellSeeker.

They interrogated him, but he didn’t reveal very much before they lost patience and killed him. Upset, Xark showed up to harrass the party and was soundly thrashed, clearly not expecting their level of competence. He escaped saying, “You’d better run home,” and Manny and Applejack threw the SpellSeeker full throttle back to Tar Kash, home of Manny’s village.

The SpellSeeker and its crew battled through several anti-air defenses. The ship sustained damage but came out mostly fine, depositing Manny in the village practically alone. Such odds didn’t faze him, and through a rage he destroyed many of the Roxan fighters, turning the tides and allowing the rest of the tribe to recover and fight back. Rushing home, however, he found Xark facing his mother with only a local girl, Jindal, protecting her. Xark swept the girl aside but in facing Manny found the half-orc to be too much for him alone. He retreated outside, calling the Warless to stall and distract Manny long enough for the rest of his plan. Manny wounded the rogue badly, crippling his mobility and disabling him a little, but Xark merely backed away to reveal his plan: turn Manny’s mother into a dreamless. Manny chose to let the rogue leave to save his mother. Looking back, he watched as Xark and his forces retreated through a portal opened by Lachesis, and for the first time gazed upon the man in white.

The SpellSeeker and Manny’s sister, Lomasi, appeared in the aftermath to help clean up and heal. After a few pleasantries, the group decided to move the tribe to the nearby town for safety. Now Lomasi waits to lead the group to a small island to show them the rift she found, perhaps the source of the local corruption.

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