The Rod of Zidane, Episode 4

With all three artifacts of the Elsa in hand, the party returned to the Elsa tower, in the heart of the mountains of Manscell. Placing the artifacts in the chamber, the Elsa roared to life in a magnificent display of magical power. Beams of light formed a cockpit around the top of the tower and wings appeared at the base and with the might of a few flamestrikes the whole thing lifted off into a gate in the sky. With the party completely unfamiliar with the design and purpose of the rocket, they pressed buttons on the console until Manny found one that transformed the tower into a veritable spaceship, flying through the astral plane.

They traveled for a few days, exploring the Elsa. It seemed the ship was far bigger than they had guessed. It had facilities for a crew much bigger than theirs as well as a hangar for the Spellseeker II and Smaragd, who had come along with Wilhelm. They eventually learned how to perform basic piloting and navigation, enough to see that the ship was on auto-pilot toward an unknown destination. As it drew close, the Elsa opened another gate and emerged from the astral plane in orbit around a planet called Miltia. They allowed the ship to land on an isthmus of land and went out to explore.

As they landed, Insidiator “Sid” Iusti was hiding in the mountains to the north and saw their descent. He watched the Black Company from the shadows for a time. Determining that they were more bumbling than dangerous, he introduced himself and unnaturally soon he fit right in. The party had now seen a very large number of changes in character. But they went with Sid and asked about Lohengrin. He hadn’t really heard of the tale but he did lead them north a few days to a small town. Along the way, the party stopped in a city of old ruins to learn about the world and about the monsters, the Gnosis, that plagued it. The trip didn’t teach them much except that Lohengrin was somehow related to another story.

On Miltia, it seemed there were two stories that lived on in culture: the Cataclysm that had destroyed the old civilization and created the Gnosis, and a story of a mythical king and the quest for a holy artifact: the Holy Grail. The party returned to the Elsa to stock up on supplies and to prepare for a longer journey. They pulled the Spellseeker II out of storage and began flying around the continent. They produced a map, showing that it contained one large landmass with an in-land lake with a small bulbous peninsula to the south. Two large islands, one on the northeast and one just south of the southern peninsula, bordered the continent, along with many smaller islands. The party traveled to the largest city they could find, one which had real roads, but was still fairly small in comparison, and examined the library. Out of the many books, they found a few regarding the story of the Holy Grail, which the locals backed up. Apparently the Grail was lost, but might be found on a mystical island. Of course, many had searched, and it was thought that it might be one of the two larger islands adjacent to the mainland, but none had found the Grail.

Not ones to be daunted, the party traveled to the northern island and found an old castle on the coast. It was guarded by many Gnosis, some of which nearly defeated the party in combat, but it appeared the place had already been ransacked. The only valuables the party could find was a strange statue and four cystals hidden around the towers. The statue responded well to holy magic, so Obrican spent a few hours preparing and casting a Hallow spell upon it. As he finished, the holy lightnings of Erick blasted forth and activated the statue, causing a great circle of light to spring forth, encircling the castle and nearby grounds. When the light faded, the party found they were in a fully-functional and restored castle, complete with staff and servants. The statue had come to life as well and identified himself as Lohengrin, prince and son of King Pellas.

Lohengrin explained that Castle Corbinec was under a curse that no time flowed in the castle and the land remained barren and dead so long as the magical veil hung over it. Should an adventurous cleric come by to lift the curse, he or she had only three days to do so. The curse could only be lifted by asking the king the Healing Question, but each person only had one try to do so. Failure meant the veil would return and the quest would be lost. To find the question, the party had to ask around the king’s chief servants.

From the adviser the party learned that King Pellas had gone out to King Gloucester to retrieve the Spear of Longinus, a holy artifact related to the Grail. When Gloucester refused to give the Spear up, Pellas challenged him to a duel, and lost. Gloucester wounded Pellas in the upper thigh. This event was known as the Dolorous Stroke, for after it the curse settled in over the king and Castle Corbinec. From the chef and master-at-arms, the party learned that many others had tried and failed, but that the king had never tried to remove the curse. Ever since that day, it seemed he had lost his drive. Lohengrin and the priestess told a similar story, but implied that the king had somehow lost his guidance and purpose in life. And from the efforts of Hirzon and Carina, the party learned that the four crystals they found were keys to a vault which held a mighty staff called Frigidus, capable of casting powerful spells of ice. But Castle Corbinec holds many secrets and Hirzon and the ninja together discovered the castle’s true dungeon, locked away deeply and holding many vaults of strange power: a mysterious monk, odd weapons, a pool of blood, and a room containing seven items in seven frames around a well. The ninja was made very curious. Lohengrin caught them after the act and scolded them, taking back the one mace that had been found, calling it a sacred relic. To the ninja he said that the room of seven items was built just after Castle Corbinec, and, next to the Grail, was the castle’s most sacred charge.

In response to this, Lohengrin asked to travel with the party to see the Elsa, this mysterious ship named after the woman he had once served and loved. They guided his swan boat south over the sea until they found the place the Elsa had landed. There was no sign of Wilhelm or Smaragd, but Lohengrin didn’t mind. He had around his neck a glowing crystal, which led the way down through the ship to its core. There, past the locks and doors, was a crystal ball containing Elsa’s left hand. After all these years, it still sought out Lohengrin, and had guided the ship here. The prince asked to take it and the Black Company did, even knowing that without it, there was almost certainly no way to return to Miltia.

Curiosity briefly sated, the party met in the castle on the third day to puzzle out the riddle of the question. For hours they sat in their rooms and debated. Obrican asked the gods for help via commune, and they all spoke with the various servants and chief-of-staff to learn about Pellas, his pride, and the Dolorous Stroke. Various plans were proposed, including to mount an expedition to find the Spear of Longinus. But eventually it was decided that Obrican should ask the question. And so he entered Pellas’ chamber and asked the king, “Why did you stop protecting the Holy Grail?”

At first the king didn’t seem to understand, but as the question sank in, he realized his fall and what he had done wrong. His charge had been to protect the Holy Grail, and when he went above his charge, when he determined above God that he should be the one to hold God’s artifacts, that is when God cursed him and the castle Corbinec until he could make sufficient penance. Freed of his curse, the circle of light which held back the Gnosis grew and grew until it enveloped the island and banished the Gnosis into the sea. The land turned green and vibrant and the inhabitants of the castle began to truly live again. In return for this gift, King Pellas gave them the Rod of Zidane and granted each main party member a boon of the castle.

The Rod of Zidane, Episode 3
The Compass of Elsa

After securing the symbol of the Zohar, the Black Company traveled back to Caer Jaenelle to confront Wilhelm about the Compass. The butler led them to his study, but Wilhelm was nowhere to be found. A note was left for them telling them to be ready. The company disregarded the warning and touched the Newton’s Cradle. They were transported to a strange location and faced off against Wilhelm and Smaragd.

The fight started off well, with Manny attacking Wilhelm and Heimdall summoning Jim Papadopolous to fight Smaragd. The dragon was momentarily distracted, but realized that fighting the titan was a waste of time and instead flew over to assault the group. With his breath weapon, he disrupted Heimdall’s concentration long enough to enlarge himself. Meanwhile Wilhelm attempted to blow back the foes around him, but despite raging windspeeds, no one seemed to notice. He fled into gaseous form and floated to hide on Smaragd.

Heimdall re-summoned his titan, the party feeling confident now that Wilhelm was out, but Smaragd was craftier than that and unleashed his full attack on Heimdall. The favored soul could not hold out against the might of Smaragd’s floating weapons and psionic abilities and fell in battle, along with a few other members of the party. Undaunted, Manny returned the favor and flew up after Smaragd to deal the final blow. He fell, but Wilhelm did not. Instead, the meridian coalesced from gaseous form and dispelled Manny’s cloak. The barbarian resorted to throwing spears while Obrican, with natural flight, faced Wilhelm. He failed when Wilhelm struck him with a full-powered disintegrate. It seemed as if the party might fail when Manny’s spear struck true.

The party reappeared in Wilhelm’s study to find that their fallen comrades were there waiting for them. Wilhelm gave them the Compass and they all had a lovely chat about his and Smaragd’s powers. This ended abruptly when Heimdall declared, in a fit of despair, that he was no longer favored with Mohorin and could not continue. He moved to destroy himself when Smaragd called him outside. Reluctantly he went where Smaragd challenged him to a fight. Heimdall tried to call a flamestrike upon himself, but Smaragd wouldn’t let him. He tried to cut himself, but again the dragon wouldn’t let him. In rage and despair he threw himself into the dragon’s mouth and Smaragd smote him with his might. The party mourned the loss of such a brave hero (and his angel, who went to follow his master).

With the three items, the Black Company traveled with Wilhelm and Smaragd to the Elsa. There they place the Eikonos, the Symbol, and the Compass on the roof and the tower started up with a really cool lasery lightshow. Light formed a cockpit of sorts and the tower opened a gate, traveling to the Astral Plane. As they flew, Manny explored the ship and found a button that turned it from a vertical tower to a horizontal ship, making him the captain. The Company took a few days to learn the ship under Wilhelm’s tutelage and flew to a location marked “Lohengrin.” Arriving they found another gate leading them to a planet in unfamiliar black space. With nothing else to do, they managed to squeeze out a landing on this planet only knowing that it is called Miltia.

The Rod of Zidane, Episode 2
The Zohar of Elsa

The party, with Heimdall’s new power of Discern Location/Scry, split up to search for diamonds. Heimdall and Obrican traveled to the Plane of Earth and began mining. The rest of the party sat around looking for sailors for the SpellSeeker. While doing so, they met a ninja on the ceiling. He had a name. Manny pulled him off and took him outside where they tested him. He evaded her fireballs and escaped Manny’s punches. Satisfied, the party kidnapped him with the promise of stuff and he accepted for some reason. Finding a crew for the ship, the party was reunited. Heimdall cast Discern Location/Scry again to find the Compass of Order and Chaos. The location was revealed to be in a fancy house in Caer Jaenelle. The party set off. En route, Obrican resurrected Amoss and attempted to revive Arcius as well (he refused).

In Caer Jaenelle they visited the house to find it the home of Wilhelm Chaoite. They got an appointment and began to explain their journeys to him. As they did, Wilhelm occasionally gave cryptic advice, commenting on Manny’s shinyness and Obrican’s need to pray. Also he ignored Heimdall. They asked if they could borrow the Compass, but he declined, it being too important for him to give up. After some discussion they negotiated a potential trade of the Compass for the Rod of Zidane, once obtained. But since they didn’t have the last piece, he told them to come back later.

Heimdall discerned/scried the location of the last item, the symbol of the Zohar, to be found at Lake Turkana. A day later and they dove beneath the water to search the lake bed. Very quickly they realized that just walking around and scratching at the bottom kicked up so much dust to be effective. The ninja went ethereal and found that indeed there was some structure under the surface. In the meantime, Heimdall summoned an orca, who wasn’t sure what to do. Defeated, the party finally left the lake to the rogues, who were able to more carefully examine the lake bed without so much dust. They returned to shore to inform the rest of the party that a large structure existed and could probably be entered through a recessed hatch.

Several plans were tossed around. Some suggested moving the water with magic, others suggested that Heimdall’s titan dig it up (even though he’d tried that unsuccessfully). Heimdall wanted to use a water elemental to vortex away the water around the opening while the mages used disintegrate on it. Eventually it was decided they would try that, but first Hirzon and Heimdall would walk around the lake to search for a control hatch of some type. An unusual tree on a peninsula proved to be an illusion covering just such a hatch. Hirzon determined it required a key to open and Manny, ever thoughtful, placed the Zohar coin in. An impressive display of graphics followed. The earth trembled and the structure underwater rose up: a great bridge leading to a central platform. Above the platform, light shone and a great image of the Zohar manifested, shining a light into the heavens and making it rain softly.

The party crossed the bridge. Heimdall attempted to touch the Zohar, and succeeded, but it exploded him back into the forest. Resolving not to try that again, Obrican took the Eikonos and flew up to the center of the Zohar. It resonated with the image and a passage opened below and the Zohar vanished. Entering, the players found a room of old magi-tech. Hirzon and the ninja examined the place for a long while and determined that the Eikonos, some blood, and a large amount of magical energy would be enough to start it. Gritting his teeth, Obrican let some blood out and cast his spell and light engulfed them all.

Turns out the light was just that, the lights in the room. The party was confronted with four puzzles to solve in order to activate the long unused magi-tech. While there was surely plenty they could have learned, the puzzles taxed them past their limits. Even so, after hours of learning a new game and trying to solve it, they eventually succeeded at obtaining the Zohar of the Elsa. From there, they took a well-deserved rest on the SpellSeeker en route back to Caer Jaenelle. In the capitol city they sought Wilhelm’s home to find an ominous note left for them. Following the instructions, the Black Company found themselves at odds with their friend and mentor in a battle for the Compass.

The Rod of Zidane, Episode 1
The Eikonos of Elsa

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The party couldn’t find much about Lachesis in the library, apparently most references to him didn’t exist. Some of the other cabal members did have biographies, but they stopped after meeting Lachesis. After a while of searching, the party was called to meet with the Director of the Library. The seraphim informed them that Nephrale was looking into a way to track Lachesis, but to be successful, they would need the Rod of Zidane. The goddess didn’t know where the Rod was, though, and so the Director told them to look for the Elsa, the Zohar, and to look for a companion on the material plane. With no further questions, they gated back to Chitin. There, Carina performed a ritual to open a special gate through which Heimdall returned. He explained, privately, that he was sent back to ensure the defeat of Lachesis.

From there, the company traveled to Bluesky City, seeing as the Elsa is known to be in Manscell, and gathered information. Armed with the knowledge that it was a tower of a long-dead mage, they teleported over to check it out. It took a moment, but they reached it and found it to have been long abandoned and looted. Not much was revealed inside, but the roof had an interesting magi-tech device which, when bothered, showed illusions of three items: the Zohar, a golden disk with a Zohar-shaped inset, and a mysterious magical gyroscope. Somehow the items activated the roof-top device. Further poking around revealed the name “Rennes le Chateau.”

The party returned to Bluesky and sat around on their butts for a month enchanting their new ship to fly and be more fire resistant. Manny and Heimdall also added really cool armor (the scale goes crap, good, cool, bitchin, epic, and then bitch-ass). Once finished, they attempted to fly it on their own without crew. It didn’t go well, but they eventually reached their destination: an old monastery in the south of Manscell, near the border with Calisaele. The place was, as expected, old and abandoned but very pretty. A casual inspection revealed nothing of much importance, but strangely the only symbol to be found in the chapel was the Zohar. The Zohar coin from before didn’t do much, but Amoss found a secret passage in the cemetery behind the church. The cave passageway led into a chamber with a monolith.

The story on the monolith was that of the Elohim creation myth: Adam and Eve in a garden of paradise, having eaten of the Tree of Knowledge, faced the wrath of Elohim. The more religious-minded noticed some strange differences between the story as told and the story on the monolith. Continuing on, they came to an underground burial chamber, lit with everburning torches (seriously everburning). On either side lay six graves and at the end a stone coffin and misshapen cross. It bore the inscription of the Zohar and with the insertion of the coin, it opened to reveal a statue of a woman holding a golden disk. An inscription at the head read “Mary,” but no one knew who that was. They attempted to take the golden disk from her but it would not budge. But when they showed her the coin, she began to wake up, color returning to her features. She wouldn’t say who she was, but transported them to a trial.

A blue light engulfed the party and when it faded, they stood upon a large Zohar facing mysterious opponents who shimmered and faded as if they were not quite real. The fight was long and surprisingly hard as they faced expert spellcasters and swordsmen. In the end the party triumphed, but in their triumph they lost Amoss and Arcius. Their brave sacrifices were not in vain, and when they returned to the cavern, the woman, who identified herself as the Maiden of Mary, gave them both a blessing. She gave them the golden disk, calling it the Eikonos and returned to her sleep.

Defend the Warp

I’m tired. Also I’m clarifying the Diplomacy skill. I also think players should not have the ability to edit this, especially us. I agree with Manny. EPISPODE 6: RETURN OF THE SILLY

So lets get a quick synopsis of what h append. So we do a big fighty thingy, the counter goes down doing a bunch of magic effect stuff, at the end of all that Lacheeses appears and is all like, “I’ma do weird corrupty stuff, but first Xark is gonna take those keycrest.” and Xark does a very good job of that. Then the other two peeps of the cabal show up, and them and Xark start killin the rest of the tailors, so Lacheeses can do his carrupty thing, they do so and the corrupty thing gets bigger, but then Heimdall is all badass and Stabs himself, then pulls a flaming sword of awesome power, which he then releases out to stop the corrupty thing in an anime like back and forth push thing, until there’s a big explosion and the corrupty thing failed, but Heimdall dies, and we all sad. Then Lacheeses be like, “What the shit man, how the fuck you do that? Oh shit Nephrale be wakin up, les get outta here gang.” and Nephrale wakes up and is like, “Bitch you better run.” except a lot more terrifying cause shes a goddess. And then the cabal guys run away into a portal like a bunch of pussies, which is totally justified because there is a pissed off goddess in front of them. Then the rest of the party is left there like, well what the fuck do we do now, the place around them is a giant space filled sorta thing, I forget the actual description. Then after healing up they figure out that everything they imagine becomes real, so they imagine a doorway to the library in Nephrales place, and it works. They go through and find themselves in the library. They go ask some of the people around where the biographies are, and then begin to look around for stories which might help them.

A New Threat
Race for the Seamstress

So, in other words, the party was released from captivity in Ominia under condition of exile. As they were negotiating terms, attempting to free the dwarven leaders from execution, a guard announced that the Priestess of the Seamstress had been found murdered. Her body was brought in with a hole in the world. At this point, Arcius revealed that when Alderac was killed, Xark had appeared and swapped out the new key crest. The party was thoroughly worried and promptly left Ominia by teleport to Bluesky City in Manscell.

From there, they reflected on the mission given to them by the priestess: to save the tailors around the world. And so it began, a tour to as many tailor shops as they could find. Some were already destroyed, and others were under assault by a new type of antithesis. Each time they were successful, a mysterious girl appeared to escort the tailors to a new realm. Alas no one recognized her.

The next week, the party continued to save the tailors. Sendings and careful uses of teleport ensured that most of the tailors were saved. The mysterious girl reappeared to invite the party to the final battle and led them through a gate into Threshaven. The plane appeared similar to the astral plane, a wide empty expanse of floating islands and clouds and ambient lighting. Behind them, however, loomed the realm of The Seamstress, sealed behind a mighty whirling barrier the size of a moon. After letting the party get a good look around, Nephrale moved them around the moon to her library in Semperternal. There she explained that the cabal had resorted to attacking the Warp directly.

The party were worried and followed Nephrale to the Warp, a pool of energy/gate/reality/something shiny and purple. Surrounding it were the final tailors, trying to sew up the holes Lachesis had created. Their preparations were cut short when Nephrale doubled over in pain. She warned them to be ready, and fell unconscious, floating above the Warp. As the antitheses appeared en masse from portals, the goddess was enclosed in a crystal, and a counter appeared. Now the party must defend the tailors and the fallen goddess.

The 'Final Battle'

The session began with the siege of the Silver City. The party attacked the walls, which were quite well defended. The Dwarves lost several units, but with the Slaughterstone Golems, the walls stood little chance. Even so, the magic of the defenders was strong and their tactics sound and with one casting of Iron Wall, they destroyed the SpellSeeker. For a round or two it looked like the defense might win the day. Heimdall had no choice, then, but to summon Jim Papadapolous who tore through the wall and the defenders. And, thanks to his spell resistance, was invulnerable to their efforts to banish him. With the titan and the SlaughterStone Golems, the walls fell and the Black Company entered the city.

They battled their way to the Grand Cathedral of Elohim, which was empty and dark. Three priests led the players toward Alderac’s chambers. In the Antechamber though, they found the way forward sealed. The Zohar itself sealed the door, and the key seemed to be two statues of a man and a woman. The players quickly discovered that brute force wouldn’t carry the day here, and while Heimdall was about to destroy the statues, Arcius and Obrican took a closer look and realized they were statues of the Favored Saints Kinover and Ligeria. Arcius took a chance and used stone to flesh on Ligeria and she returned to life, in full glory. He did the same for Kinover and together they healed the party and opened the way forward.

The saints revealed that when Alderac had been elected, Kinover had appeared to welcome the new Lucifer and carry Elohim’s instructions. But, due to the Cabal’s power, the saints hadn’t known that Alderac was who he was. And thus the Cabal ambushed and trapped Kinover in stone. To avoid breaking the connection to Elohim, Alderac used the Zohar to force Elohim’s power through to the church. Knowing that something had happened, Ligeria summoned up her church and attacked the Silver City. The Cabal was waiting for her as well, however, and trapped her in the same manner. The connection to Fallais was lost and the cultists retreated. Had the players destroyed the statues, they would have killed the two Saints with disastrous consequences. Kinover explained that he would take the Zohar away from mortal hands and also revealed that no miracle has ever been cast since the Great Seal’s existence, disappointing Heimdall. With that, the Saints left and the players entered Alderac’s chamber.

The fight began with Alderac’s monologe. He chastised them for damaging his plans and evading his trap and began the fight with pillars of light. Fortunately, Obrican had prepared them against it and Heimdall came in from the side with a Harm. Alderac was undaunted and crushed a soulgem, empowering him with negative energy. The battle continued, with each hit to the players dealing negative levels. But the battle was one-sided with Manny, Obrican, and Arcius all attacking at once, he stood no chance and fell in moments. The battle was over, until his evil spirit possessed Heimdall and split itself into five spirits. Had they recombined, who knows what would have happened. As it was, the players blundered their way through the battle, eventually destroying the evil spirits and obtaining his Key Crest, fancy hat, and magical staff. But, now what?

March on the Capital

At around 2:00, the army of the Dwarves, led by Heimdall of the Black Company, fell upon the first checkpoint approaching the Silver City. Despite an attempt to flank the siege engines, the Dwarves soundly defeated the units stationed there with few losses. Within a day, the second checkpoint, too had fallen. Survivors from the first had informed the second and Ominia’s losses were fewer, but they were routed just as easily. Two days later, the army overran the third checkpoint using the power of the SpellSeeker alone. Now it waits outside the city, preparing for siege. But can they breach the mighty defenses? And what of Lucifer Alderac Tritheim?

How not to be secret

The party began in Cilia, where they were to eliminate the local church and their ability to send a sending. As a group, they managed to forget this and began heading toward the next town, Madren, where they fully planned on raising a siege. Not long after, they received a message from Grand Marshal Kaylee, chastising them for not doing anything about the church in Cilia. The party felt bad.

After a brief excursion to a forest village which might have been Heimdall’s home, but probably wasn’t, the party engaged in an assault on Madren. Hirzon managed the mortar to effectively shut down the guard watchtowers. Obrican got off the ship and arrived late. Heimdall and Hirzon destroyed the church with mortars and a titan, and Arcius stayed out in the open and took two Flamestrikes. That was a bad idea, but he managed not to die, somehow. When Obrican arrived with November, they took to the main chamber and cast the same non-damaging spell on the cleric casting sending. Fortunately, November’s spell did enough damage to shock the cleric out of it with seconds to spare. Outside, the crew of the SpellSeeker got the fire under control and secured the area. Inside, Heimdall, November, and Obrican held the cleric hostage and forced him to send to the Silver City to tell them that everything was fine. He almost did so, but f-ed up in the end and got himself killed. Silly cleric.

Now the party marches onwards to the Silver City to meet the army of Ominia.

The Dwarves of Ominia
Building an Army

After the party defeated Xark, they began to plot their next move. The decision was to go north to face off against their former friend, Alderac. The trip took six weeks, flying directly north over Abraxas. Along the way, Obrican returned. No sooner had he appeared than Manny threw him overboard. The crew was shocked, but he claimed that he’d needed to make sure Obrican was still strong. The party seemed to agree and Hirzon and November manned the mortar. Hirzon found surprising success there and hit the flying Obrican on the third try, knocking him into the water. Enraged, Obrican sped forth to catch up, only to be hit by a harpoon thrown by Manny. The crew hauled him in where he was about to lay into them, but was cut short by Heimdall turning him into stone. Applejack and Carina had words with the three of them and Heimdall turned him back. Limping, Obrican took his rage downstairs. He seemed to be over it soon enough, though, and later in the trip was sharing the secrets of his new spell batteries. Unfortunately, none of the party tried them out, depriving Obrican the chance to blow them up. En route, Carina developed a lab for the SpellSeeker, Improved Corruption Resistance, Corruption Lenses, Improved Spell Components, and Improved Energy Spells.

When they landed, Applejack informed them that the crew members had been feeling like someone had been watching them. Obrican figured that meant Alderac had been scrying on them. So they headed down to the nearest fishing village where the locals told them about Alderac’s ascension to the Lucifer. The party was all like, “WTF, man!” And traveled to a bigger town to find out more. Apparently The old Lucifer died and Alderac was elected to the position. Not long after, the church of Fallais mounted an attack on the Silver City, but despite having 1000 demons (so claims everyone) the cultists were defeated and security was greatly increased.

Heimdall and the others decided the best way to go about fighting Alderac would be to raise an army and storm the place. Go figure, so Heimdall went around trying to find someone who would be interested. The only people he could find were the Fallais cultists and the Dwarves, so from Luxir they traveled NW to Thoth and rallied the House of KilKarray Smith, led by Grand Marshal Kaylee to meet them in Farwind in three days. From there they traveled NW to Serus’ Pass. There they met House Rekrang, led by Sir Reginald and House Hoo-ha, led by Professor Birbistuous. Rekrang promised 500 knights (heavy infantry and cavalry) and Hoo-ha promised 104 seige engines and war machines run by 250 engineers. They also learned from one of the tinkerers that the city of Niflheim would give no help, as they were firmly in the pockets of the church.

Next they traveled to Farwind. In the marketplace, they found the House Teleri, who was of no help to the party whatsoever aside from telling them to go on on expedition to get some gold. Heimdall wasn’t so sure, but eventually they went out to catch up with the expedition. After an hour or so, they found a camp, hidden in under an illusory screen. The Dwarven heads met with the party, including the House of Teleri, led by Lord Tal-Fang. House Teleri promised 250 mages to help protect against scrying. The dwarves explained the situation: three check-points along the main approach to the Silver City, churches and guards capable of Sending in both Cilia and Madren, and walls of force around the gates to the city. The army also has soldiers known as lancers who have lances of light, capable of shooting beams at foes. These lancers are what destroyed the demons of Fallais.

The party decided that they would take out the churches in Cilia and Madren, as well as the first two checkpoints. The dwarves would follow up and together overwhelm the third checkpoint and the main walls of the city. As the seige machines began breaching the city, the party would fly in via the SpellSeeker and make their way toward the cathedral. With the plan in mind, Manny and Heimdall went to see the Guardians of Gwynharyf and the Church of Fallais, respectively. The champions said they would consider it, but told Manny they couldn’t help if the party invited the Fallaitians to help. Heimdall’s visit with the church gained some valuable information. The Fallaitians declined to help on the basis that they were defeated last time. Apparently the call to fight was sent by Ligeria Delacquer, but during the fight, Alderac and his allies did something to the saint that dampened the spells and powers of the cultists. Due to that, the church declined to help. With that set, the stage is ready for the assault.


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