Elohim, The Almighty

Favored Saint: Kinover Olxanis
Domains: Good, Creation, Time, Domination, Sun
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Divine Realm: The Exalted Throne, located on the plane of Celestia (for the non-Ominian)

The worship of Elohim is found all over the world, but is concentrated in the Empire of Ominia, where it is the unofficial state religion. Everyone in Ominia is assumed to worship Elohim as the greatest of gods, in some cases as the one true god. Elohim is the god of justice, goodness, creation, etc. He is represented by the light and is said to possess supreme mastery over all the earth and heavens and the planes. The church of Elohim has several different forms, but they generally get along, seeing as they all believe the same thing, and no emperor or government official has ever begun office or remained there long without worshiping Elohim. It’s not that the church and the people are zealous, they just assume that’s how the world is and that Elohim is the correct god. As such, many Ominians are probably lax worshipers and only really care on holidays and at church. The enemy of Elohim is Fallais.

Code of Conduct:

  • Be honorable, good, and just; bring the light wherever there is darkness.
  • Respect all local laws and customs and cooperate with local authorities. Fight corruption wherever it is to be found and spread the teachings of Elohim.
  • Help those who are oppressed and downtrodden. Offer assistance and counsel to those in need and do not charge for these services.
  • Even if there are no laws prohibiting the following behaviors, do not engage in: theft, assassination, sabotage, fraud, deception, lying, adultery, excessive drunkenness, or use of mind or body-altering drugs or herbs.
  • At sunrise, noon, or sunset take some time to meditate on the light and the glory of Elohim and of goodness in the world. Casters use this time to replenish spells.
  • During an eclipse of the sun, hold a bring light aloft so that darkness cannot win.
  • Oppose Fallais and all his agents in all their doings and bring them to the light for redemption if possible.


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