History of Ferros

This page is for the general world history of Ferros. It will, eventually, give you a timeline and date for current events.


Each country would like to have their own calendar, but with the rise and decline of nations and civilizations, such calendars tend to be unreliable. As a result, a few calendars have gained prominence over others, based on various major events. The Draconic calendar (DC) is based on the founding of the draconic council, an event which the dragons allege to be shortly after the creation of the world. While some scholars disagree, it is a reliable calendar for time since then and stretches back the farthest. The Ominian calendar (AO) measures time from the start of each emperor with the pre-empire years going in reverse. It is very old but the constant renumeration makes history difficult. The Anatisian calendar measures time since the fall of the Verdayl empire (BV, VD, and PV), and the Abraxan calendar measures time since the destruction of Abraxas (AE and XE).

Currently the date in each calendar is 3272 DC, AO Tiberius 23, 865 PV, and 2015 XE.

For simplicity, a prefix of B in a calendar stands for Before and years count down (just like BC vs. AD). Dates in this article will either be given in the Draconic or Abraxan calendars most of the time. Thus DC means Draconic Council year and BDC means Before the Draconic Council. In the Abraxan, AE means Abraxan Era and XE means the era since its destruction (the X either refers to how it was crossed off of maps or how it ceased to exist). No calendar has a year 0, so when the dragons first formed their council they numbered it 1 DC and the previous year was 1 BDC.


It is generally regarded that the world was created by the Seamstress, Elohim, or the Dragon Gods. The Tailor and Draconic dates are a little over a century apart while the Ominian date places it almost 500 years later. For this reason, academics outside of Ominia generally regard their calendar as unreliable and influenced by the state.

By the Tailors, the world was created in 135 BDC (1392 AE). According to the dragons, the world was created in 30 BDC (1287 AE). According to the Ominians the world was created in 365 DC (892 AE, 1 BAO).


Draconic calendar Event Abraxan calendar
135 BDC Tailor Creation 1392 AE
30 BDC Draconic Creation 1287 AE
1 DC First draconic council 1257 AE
365 DC Ominian Creation 892 AE
371 DC First recorded use of magic by mortals 886 AE
400 DC First record of Allistiel 857 AE
1257 DC Abraxas Destroyed 1 AE
1272 DC Alice begins to unite Lyrise, 482 BV 15 XE
1754 DC Verdayl Empire Founded, 1 VD 497 XE
2408 DC Verdayl Empire Destroyed, 654 VD 1151 XE
2536 DC Esnam destroyed, 129 PV 1279 XE
2750 DC Queen Miku begins reign, 343 PV 1493 XE
3210 DC Terramuth Disaster 1953 XE
3266 DC Queen Miku Killed, 859 PV 2009 XE
3271 DC Zerstorung, 10-11, 864 PV 2014 XE
3272 DC Liberation Day, 9-25, 865 PV 2015 XE

History of Ferros

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