Jeberra is the southernmost country of Anatis. It is a theocracy, ruled by the Church of Mohorin. Since Mohorin is the god of war, Jeberra is a militaristic nation with compulsory service for all citizens. The government is administrated by the church and the head of state is known as the General. The General serves for life or until voted out; a new General is chosen from the top church officials in secret meetings. The capital city is Agrabah, situated in the Layyad caldera from which rivers flow north, south-east, and south-west.

Overall, Jeberra is a hot country with tropics in the south and deserts in the north. The country has some farmland to the west, but the most fertile regions along the western coast are neutral due to treaties with Calisaele. The country is fed by three rivers and a network of roads. The rivers stream out of the Layyad Caldera in the center of the country, in which Agrabah sits. Farmers live along the river but most of the land is more suitable for cattle than for crops. As a result, Jeberra often exports meat but imports much of its agriculture and wood. Since it occupies a large part of the coast, much of the diet is made up of seafood and fishing is very lucrative. Fisherman can take advantage of abundant natural populations of marlin, shrimp, and migratory bluetail populations during the winter.

Military service is compulsory for all citizens for four years upon reaching adulthood (varying on race). After that citizens must serve two years out of every ten years until they reach old-age (varies by race). Drafting has not historically been necessary due to the large number of volunteers and current conscripts, but in principle the draft could be applied to any eligible citizen. Non-citizens are encouraged to volunteer for service if they stay for long periods of time, but are not compelled to do so. In times of war, foreigners who do not volunteer may see a loss of civil rights and services and, in exceptional cases, may face deportation.



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