Kako to Mirai

The Key of Slow Time is made of the daisho Kako to Mirai, which translates to Past and Future. This artifact is a card-item and a card exists for it, but for the sake of keeping records here is a digital copy.

Kako to Mirai

  • Inactive: +1 katana (bastard sword) and +1 wakizashi (shortsword)
  • Activated: +4 katana and +4 wakizashi

Special Abilities

  • May only be used once Kako to Mirai are activated and may only be used when wielded together. The abilities do not provoke attacks of opportunity. They are considered extraordinary and are not subject to an antimagic field.
  • Stolen Time: Attack with Kako first. If you hit, your opponent is slowed for one round and you gain an extra attack with Mirai. This may only be used with a full-attack action. The extra attack stacks with extra attacks from high BAB, feats, and haste/speed.
  • Futura: Attack with Kako, then Mirai. If Mirai hits, it deals no damage this round. Next round, at the end of your turn, the target takes double Mirai’s damage. This ability does not double all of Mirai’s damage in the next answer, only the damage from this attack (essentially it hits in the future and the temporal stress is causing the extra damage). This may only be used as a standard action.

Temporal Stress

Each of the above abilities causes temporal stress in the wielder’s body as one side is pulled farther into the past and the other pulled farther into the future. This stress deals 1d8 damage every round at the end of the wielder’s turn. Each round the wielder gains another +1d8 to that damage. Using an ability again also adds +1d8 to that damage. To avoid it, the wielder must spend one full-round in meditation to realign his/her body in the present. This resets the counter and avoids any further damage until an ability is used again. The meditation provokes an AoO. If damaged during meditation, the wielder must make a Concentration check with DC equal to the damage dealt or fail the meditation, taking and incrementing the damage. There is no way to resist or reduce taking the damage. Temporal Stress is extraordinary and happens even in an antimagic field but it is suspended if the wielder is placed in temporal stais and resumes once the wielder is freed. Dropping Kako to Mirai is not sufficient to prevent or suppress Temporal Stress.

Characters killed by the damage are pulled apart into the past and future and cannot be resurrected without traveling to the past and the future to find their souls (or invoking a time deity to do the same) and then casting true resurrection. Their bodies and equipment are destroyed utterly except for Kako to Mirai, which travel to the past and future respectively and house the wielder’s soul. Note: using the swords as weapons without using their special abilities does not cause temporal stress, only using Stolen Time and Futura do.

Example: If Niachi uses the swords in a standard or full-attack, he causes no Temporal Stress. If he uses Stolen Time as part of his full-attack action in Round 1, then in Round 2 he will take 1d8 damage and in Round 3 he will take 2d8 damage. If he uses Stolen Time again, or uses Futura, in Round 5 he will gain +1d8 from the round and from the ability, giving him 4d8 damage and then 5d8 damage in Round 6. In Round 7, if he meditates and takes no damage (or takes damage and succeeds on his Concentration check) he will remove the Temporal Stress and stop taking damage. Later if he uses Stolen Time again, the counter will reset to 1d8. Note: if he uses Futura in Round 1 and meditates in Round 2, he won’t take any damage from Temporal Stress.

Kako to Mirai

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