Liberation Day

Liberation day is the most popular name given to the day when The Exalted Manny defeated the False God, Lachesis. Around the world, portals opened and heavenly hosts led by the favored saints attacked the Wyrd and their Fatespinners. They concentrated their firepower on the temples and were aided by local clerics and Holy Liberators from the Resistance of Manny. Ur-Lord Vespa was slain in the fields of siege outside The Silver City, Ur-Lord Sid was banished by Resistance forces above Jik’ton, and Ur-Lord Sithern vanished in the mysterious solar eclipse over Lyrise. Across the world, the hosts of heaven and earth killed most of the Antitheses and drove the rest into hiding in the countryside.

Since Liberation Day, tremendous work has been devoted to the restoration of the temples, causing small stresses over resources. The boost to the economy has catapulted Prime Meridian Travels well above the Church of Travyn as they supply valuable stone and minerals from Terrax, the Plane of Earth. Lachesis has been declared a false god and Manny affirmed as a real one. Due to their role during Zerstorung, the Resistance’s churches have been welcomed in most major cities and now style themselves as a legitimate church. Their special forces, the Holy Liberators, frequently lead raiding parties into the countryside to root out lurking Antitheses.

The loss of contact with Lyrise and the mysterious eclipse that caused it has been of great interest to many parties with certain wealthy patrons offering rewards for information. The investigation efforts have been led primarily by Sister Elone. With the disappearance of Lyrise, the Esterlands and Manscell have been developing new trade routes. For more information about the reactions of individual countries, please see their respective pages.

Perhaps the most surprising change was in the Tailors and Storytellers. The Tailors, followers of Seamstress had always been a somewhat secretive lot, usually only known to high priests and diplomats. After Liberation Day, though, they became significantly more open about their identities and activities, many members openly wearing clerical raiments. Likewise the followers of Nephrale, an even smaller and more secretive group, became slightly more active in the open. Many of their clerics showed up in libraries and records offices around the world to collect and record. Some of them opened up small shops in major cities, displaying Nephrale’s sigil on a small sign. While neither church took official action beyond the condemnation of worship of Lachesis, it is rumored that the Tailors have been meeting with kings and popes while the Storytellers have constructed an intricate information network. Whatever their dealings, it is not uncommon to see one or the other working with a Holy Liberator on an Antithesis raid.

Liberation Day

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