Manny KiLore

Manny KiLore, The Exalted Dreadnought

Favored Saint: Amoss
Domains: Chaos, Good, Liberation
Favored Weapon: Orc double-axe
Holy Symbol: A Gryphon with Ax heads for wings, one with Green Flames and the other with Blue Electricity
Divine Realm: The Great Armory

Manny was a half-orc barbarian and a truly stellar warrior, whose skill at arms was great enough to attract the celestial warrior Gwynharwyf. He was fighting to end the threat posed by the Wyrd. Alas he was killed by the traitor Sid. In death, however, his martyrdom spread the seeds of resistance to the Wyrd and their tyranny. With the help of his brave and courageous church, disguised as a resistance movement, Manny overcame the false god Lachesis to become the true God of Freedom, the Truly Free.

Manny has almost no dogma to speak of and a small church.

Code of Conduct:

  • Don’t be evil.
  • If you find evil, smash it.
  • Help those who you can.
  • Make sure that your voice is heard.
  • Let evil have no rest.
  • Understand that not everything born from evil will be evil, and that not everything born from good will be good.
  • Know that you are the only controller of your path, that everything you do is of your own choice, and that to believe in me is to believe in yourself, and all of those who fight with you.
  • Seek out and set right any who still profess belief in the false god Lachesis.

Manny KiLore

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