Mohorin, God of Battle

Favored Saint: Osric Luscan
Domains: War, Strength, Law
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword
Divine Realm: The Citadel, unknown location, but he’s probably never there anyways

Mohorin is called upon for blessings primarily in Jeberra or wherever battle is held. His priests are always ready with battle spells and swords and fire resistance, due to their excessive use of Flamestrike. Mohorin is also revered by the Elite Guard of Nougat, a guild known for their excellence in guarding despite average pay. The church of Mohorin is very institutionalized and has a large hand in the government of Jeberra being the main law enforcement. Their teachings predictably involve belligerence, though in a somewhat orderly fashion. Mohorin is known for retracting his blessings from criminals and psychopaths and the like, if not cursing them outright. The church teaches a strict military doctrine and advocates a very well-defined moral code for adherents to live their lives by. Unlike the followers of Olim or Ehlonna, for example, the church of Mohorin will proselytize and condemn others for not worshipping their god. It is unknown how the gods themselves feel about this, but assumed they are probably pretty understanding.

Code of Conduct:

  • Pray for strength and skill in battle, whether your own or others’.
  • Spread the teachings of Mohorin to all lands, forcibly if necessary.
  • Battle is the ultimate arbiter, any legal disputes which cannot be handled civilly are to be resolved in non-lethal combat. A champion may fight on the behalf of another if he is unable to.
  • Offer your services as a representative in combat or as a trainer if need be but only if the customer vows to honor Mohorin.
  • Practice with the sword and shield before magic, for strength comes from the body and not the mind.
  • Respect all local laws and customs unless they advocate against the mighty Mohorin. You may, however, participate in revolt for it is a test of strength.
  • Even if there are no laws prohibiting the following behaviors, do not engage in: theft, assassination, sabotage, fraud, deception, lying, adultery, excessive drunkenness, or use of mind or body-altering drugs or herbs.
  • Respect and obey those with seniority. Reprimand those who do not.



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