Myotismon, God of Undead

Favored Saint: Kiterga
Domains: Death, Undead, Trickery, Darkness, Necromancy
Favored Weapon: Scythe
Divine Realm: Mauselos, located in one of the evil-aligned outer planes

Myotismon is the original undead. As such, he can appear as any sort of undead he chooses, and all are subject to his whims. All necromantic magics contain a symbol or offering to Myotismon and any that do not are doomed to go badly. The God of Undead is often scheming and wrecking havoc on the various planes. None know what his true goal is, if he has any, but lately the number of undead has been increasing and many paladins of the light suspect his foul hand behind it. Myotismon does have an organized church, though they must stay hidden and secretive out of necessity. Rumor speaks of a necropolis somewhere where the god of the undead is worshiped openly and followers of the light are used for horrible rituals. If the church has any dogma, it is to seek out those who are weak and use them for your own ends, often those ends should be the creation of undead or offerings to those who can create undead. The greater the evil the greater the standing in Myotismon’s eyes. He is truly vile.

Code of Conduct:

  • Do no good acts unless they are done for your own greater gain later.
  • Offer praise to Myotismon in all magical or clerical doings.
  • Honor and fear the undead, do not think you are better than they.
  • Once a month make a living sacrifice to Myotismon, preferably human and innocent.
  • Do your part to spread disease and death to all things living.
  • Do not marry or claim to love. Do not bear live offspring, even as sacrifices.
  • Offer your assistance in animating the undead, be grateful if you are allowed.
  • If capable, animate undead twice a year: at Hallow’s Eve and at Beltaine.


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