Olim, God of Mountains

Favored Saint: Karn
Domains: Cavern, Law, Earth
Favored Weapon: Unarmed Strike
Divine Realm: K’trak, thought to be on one of the good-aligned outer planes.

Olim is mainly revered in Manscell, a country known for its mountainous terrain. Like Echoe, his priests claim he has supremacy everywhere because of the universality of mountains throughout the world. Some sects claim he also controls islands, but others are not sure. Interestingly, things such as earthquakes are also attributed to him. The teachings of his church are monk-like and emphasize personal development until one can withstand anything, just as a mountain could. They are known for being rather stubborn.
Note: When a cleric would normally gain a proficiency feat for their deities’ favored weapons, clerics of Olim instead gain Improved Unarmed Strike.

Code of Conduct:

  • Make honor to the mountains, for they are the oldest of the world.
  • As you would honor the mountains, so too honor your elders.
  • To be a mountain is to withstand even the toughest blows, so train your body and your mind to endure the blows of others: meditate whilst exposed to the elements once a day. Casters replenish spells during this time.
  • Respect the local laws and customs but do not involve yourself in politics.
  • Do not participate in revolt. If you must, leave the area until you can endure it.
  • Bring justice upon those who dishonor the mountains; reprimand those who dishonor their elders.


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