Team RYVN is a group of relatively new recruits to the Resistance of Manny. They have a few missions under their collective belts, including city defense, recruitment of Mother Lomasi and Father Joss Arroway, and most recently the attainment of a copy of Shardenon’s Sphere. Their unusual name is a combination of the first initials of the members. High Father Titus personally leads them in the field, and pays them after each mission.

Well as of the loss of Valorie, I propose that to adjust to the new team member being added that the team name become Team RYSN, pronounced “Risen”

Not a bad idea, but another we should consider is the idea of changing our team name to something else entirely, that doesn’t need to be redone every time one member leaves, dies, etc.

Probably a good idea as it’s now “Team RSN?” which makes everyone sound confused all the time.


The Remembered:


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