The Wyrd were the self-proclaimed de facto masters of Ferros. They formally appeared in the events of Zerstorung, but before were known in secretive circles simply as the Cabal. Their members wereidentified by number and were titled Ur-Lord, with the exception of Exarch Lachesis. Their goals involved the godhood of Lachesis. During Zerstorung they destroyed all the temples to the current gods and sealed off the world from their interference. Since then they demanded the worship of the people, mostly toward themselves, the Exarch, and a mysterious force they call the Wyrd (for which they are named). Open resistance to their rule and goals was met with lethal force, as were any attempts to worship the original gods of Ferros. The Silver City and Kal’renth were the only places in the world not controlled by the Wyrd and the Resistance of Manny was the largest mortal group opposing them. The Wyrd operated from a demiplane but some members maintained a personal stronghold on Ferros.

The Wyrd were defeated during the events of Liberation Day. All members are confirmed dead except for Sithern (due to the sealing of Lyrise). Currently worship of the Wyrd is punishable by death in most places and interplanar imprisonment in most others, as well as heresy against The Seamstress. Generally, any worshipers captured are tried by the Tailors instead of the local governments.

Former Ur-Lords

Deceased before Zerstorung


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