Darkness in Selindion, Episode 3

Light at last

With all the clues assembled, Team RYVN went to confront Lyvax. They found him in the graveyard, preparing to unleash a horde of undead on the town and challenged him in broad daylight. This time they came in prepared with death ward and prominence, and it was highly effective. Lyvax’s host of shadows and wraiths and even his bodaks were all made useless against the magic. The bodaks fled and the shadows sacrificed themselves to create a field of darkness for Lyvax and his Dread Wraith commanders, but even that was undone by Toby and a quick casting of daylight. Alas, though the fear around Lyvax had melted away in the sun, Toby’s light was his last as a Dread Wraith struck him in the heart, squeezing every bit of life out of him. Lyvax didn’t last much longer, falling to the righteous anger of the group.

As Rom blessed Toby’s body, a light shone from the graveyard’s mauseleum: the Book of Exalted Deeds. Not knowing what to do with it, but knowing that reading it would cause it to vanish, Team RYVN took it back to headquarters in Jik’ton after a quick nip over to the mayor telling him all was now well. At base, they spoke with St. Amoss and HFr. Hirzon but neither of them knew what to do with it, but their visitors did: Lady Nyphistra, Goddess of Common Sense, and Lord Vardalon, God of Magic. She explained they had been watching the party for a while and needed them to obtain the book so as to keep it out of the hands of the Wyrd. Vardalon promised to keep the book safe and explained that Lachesis had done something to prevent the older gods from interfering with the world even more than usual. He also revealed that spells such as miracle and wish do not exist because he does not allow them to under the pretense that they would cause too much destruction of the material plane (in addition to the fact that the Great Seal prevents gods from answering miracle directly).

With the mystery solved, he granted each of the party a boon. Rom received more charisma while Yasuo a new spell-like ability. Titus asked for more dexterity and experience and offered to trade some of his ki power for it. Vardalon sent him to the god Darteryu, who told him that if he wished to give up his ki then he would have to give it up himself (he did). Valorie and Niachi took theirs in a bento box for lunch tomorrow, and with that the gods vanished. The party took a look at the quest list and decided that next week they would return to Aventurine, rescue a cleric, and assassinate Lady Thatcher.


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